10.-17.09.2011 – Inside Passage from Emden to Amsterdam

After a well organised and efficient journey we have reached our starting port Emden, where we took over MY ROLLING SWISS II on Saturday morning from the previous crew. After arranging the luggage, checking the storage, shopping, discovering Emden and dining, we were surprised by the evening event just beside MY ROLLING SWISS II: Emden was celebrating the annual lampion festival in memory of a devasting Allied bomber ride during WW2. A lot of private boats, decorated with thousand of lamps, are parading in the harbour.

Regarding the long term weather forecast we were just preparing for a river cruise than
an off-shore cruise… Well, seemed that the 10 nautical miles on Sunday from Emden to Delfzjil remains the whole salt-water experience on the cruise. We switched all our systems to the units kilometers and kilometers per hour and started our river cruise through Friesland. In fact we were not really disappointed about that – In any case we could explore a new famous region by boat!

Accompanied by heavy winds we are passing the following days a lot of Windmills and navigated across some pseudo “Meere” (lakes are called Meere in Friesland) – Unusal to take such pictures from a CCS off-shore cruiser. Some pictures gave the impression to be on the river Rhine. Here in the heart of Holland, the cargo ships has the same size than on the Rhine, including the private car on the aft deck.

We had to pass an uncountable number of locks and draw bridges during our “inside passage” to Amsterdam. On the Rhine we are used to pass lock levels from up to 12 meters – well we were a little bit disappointed, that here there is mostly less than 50 centimeter… Another experience!

Rain with heavy winds was our escort the whole week long. Because of matching cruising legs, nice self cooking and good meals in restaurants we kept our good mood all the time. In the famous restaurant in Blockzjil on the pictures we didn’t dine – the prices were a little elevated…

On Thursday finally we got the chance to sniff a kind of a sea breeze during crossing the Markermeer. And in the evening a romantic picture of a dark red sunset over open water…

Friday, the last cruisng day we head to the famous Sixhaven in Amsterdam. On the way we did not take part in the elefant races of the cargos – we had some spare power, which kept us in front of them – until the next (and last) lock…

Conclusion of our cruise:

You (man and woman) don’t need salt water all the time to have fun – So what about a cruise on the River Rhine on MY ROLLING SWISS II next year? First time a CCS-Yacht will head to our homeport Basel!

Sabina and Roger, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/37

CCS-Motorboat-Homepage: http://www.ccs-motorboot.ch/
…and the cruising programm 2012 of MY ROLLING SWISS II is published and open for registration,
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