Nature Cruise!

You may imagine that shopping in Amsterdam is a big hassle- but not so! We steered “Rolling Swiss II” into a convenient berth near a shopping mall, and purchased all the items we needed. . .

. . . including some delicious Kiipling from a local fishmonger!  A great meal all together was an excellent start to our time on “Rolling Swiss II”.

Then, it was time for our most crucial shopping task- collecting the replacement anchor.

We changed our planned itinerary to accommodate this, and went to Enkhuisen, then Medenblick (where we fitted our new anchor), and onto Harlinge.

From Harlinge, we headed to West-Terscheliing. Not far from Terschelling, we had our first glimpse of a seal!

Terschelling harbor was very crowded, and we needed expert maneuvering skills to get into our berth. Once in, we enjoyed the magnificent sun-bathing weather. Onto Borkum… then to Nordeny. There, we enjoyed fantastic beaches, spectacular weather and excellent food.

Then the weather changed!! But the strong winds and waves helped us on our journey, and we made it to Helgoland in just five hours.

Once the weather cleared, we spent two wonderful days enjoying the island and admiring the magnificent sea life, including seals and birds.

After filling up the tanks with duty-free fuel (good value!) we left the fascinating sea island sailing back to civilization… towards Bremerhaven, our final stop. Our conclusion after the cruise: our whole crew is fascinated by our adverntures on the Trader 42, and the good “Rolling Swiss II” can be depended on to drive smoothly in all situations!

CCS Crew, August 2010


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