17.-24.09.2011 – Manoeuvres Training on the Dutch waters

Wow, what a luxury yacht! Were my first thoughts when I went for the first time on board of the Trader 42 “MY ROLLING SWISS II”.

My Crewmembers Jacques, Anthony, Michael, Skipper Hanspeter and I started with our trip on Saturday afternoon when it was raining and windy. Our first goal was to go through the canal to the open sea, because only so our miles will count for the license. We were very lucky that next day the wind was calm and we could do the passage on the open sea to the Ijselmeer without any problems.

The Ijselmeer was always busy with lots of old sailing ships cruising around. All crewmembers had always lots to do: to navigate, watch out for other ships which are maybe on collision course with us, radarplotting, work with the nautical chart and the GPS, prepare the ship for the locks, writing the logbook and time to time we had a played man over board.

And when we were not on the route to another place, we did al lot of different manoeuvres in the marinas. Our Skipper gave us a lot of information about the boat and his functions, about drop anchor, radar and so on.

At the end of our trip we could say that we reached all our goals! We learned a lot and had a great time together.

Thank you guys. Maybe another time!

Doris, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/38, CCS section “lake of Thun”

CCS-Motorboat-Homepage: http://www.ccs-motorboot.ch/
…and the cruising programm 2012 of MY ROLLING SWISS II is published and open for registration,
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