24.09.-01.10.2011 – Manoeuvering and skipper Training

We caught up the lost summer in the Netherlands. Driving at 20 knots we enjoyed wind and sun laying on the nicely holstered foredeck, wearing T-shirts and shorts only.

Starting at Sixhaven, Amsterdam, we followed the East coast in short legs northwards reaching the North Sea near Texel, hoping to experience there driving through high waves with our Trader 42. No waves but customs control on sea, however with no complaints. The way back led through the Kornverdersands lock and further following the Frisian West Coast. Many maneuvers in ports and locks and a crew thirsty for more knowledge made the cruise becoming to a inspiring and fulfilling experience.

I say many thanks and whish always a palm of water under the propellers.

Stephan, Crew member on cruise 08-2011-39

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…and the cruising programm 2012 of MY ROLLING SWISS II is published and open for registration,
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