In Hohheitsgewässern

05.05. 12.05.2012 Stralsund – Karlskrona

Skipper: Marcel
Crew: Bruno, Richi, Traudl
When the last crew members arrive in the morning of May 5th at the yacht port of Stralsund (Mecklenburg/West Pomerania), the first of the usual tasks – ship transfer and bulk buying – are already done, and we can go directly to the “get together lunch” in the city centre on the square before the delicate facade of the Town Hall and at the massive Nikolai Church. In the afternoon, the first highlight of the trips follows already: the instruction with extensive manoeuvres rides in the port and in the preceding channels.
Departing the next morning northward through the shallow waters of Kubitzer is narrow but well marked with buoys, then between the islands of Rügen and Hiddensee through – later Rolling Swiss II shows what she really is made of – full power into the open Baltic Sea – what fun!
The first stage ends in Glowe on the North coast of Rügen; the second in the Danish Bornholm and at the end of the third we find ourselves in Swedish waters – Simrishamn (a place incidentally, where thousands of  years ago – in the Stone Age – goods were already being moved by ships!).
The weather, up to now not very nice, rather covered with pale light and calm sea, is now raining; Moreover, the wind from the South strengthens significantly. It causes rough seas with nasty short waves, but these are mastered by our Rolling Swiss II thanks to slightly increased engine power with around 14 knots. The archipelago area before our next stage of Ahus requires the full attention of the crew because it is almost completely under water, but only just; after safely not hitting anything, the port facilities, a small Creek up to the self-declared “schwabbligen webs” of CSS-Yacht Club, where then the reception is so kind, as promised. Ahus is a coastal settlement that dates back at least to the 12th century, and where today the widely popular “absolute”vodka is distilled.

The last stage leads us to Karlskrona. Hazy, foggy weather, drizzle and difficult visibility conditions closer to the city through an extensive archipelago has shown quite adventurous in narrow roads which were formerly also strongly attached and peppered with obstacles. In Karskrona the Swedish Naval History is a worthy place ubiquitous – so for the upcoming transfer of the rolling Swiss II to the next crew.
The conclusion of the trips as usual: Cleaning, clean up, etc.; only the refuel proved to be little problematic : unattended petrol station, usual credit cards are not accepted by the machine – however not a fiasco, thanks to calm nerves.
Resumé: the training, namely the mediation of MB knowledge succeeded perfectly. In addition, thanks to a comradely spirit and  interesting geography;  a most instructive trip at sea – the skipper and the RG-Zürich!

Author: Richi

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