Rolling Swiss’s Blues Cruise No 1

  12.05.-19.05.2012 Karlskrona – Norrköping

Skipper: Stephan
Crew: Roger and Thomas

Cold, wet – Oilskin and boots came on for the first day on board in Karlskrona, but only for harbour manoeuvres and an in-depth introduction to the secrets of this beautiful yacht.

Paradise weather on the next day for the journey through the archipelago to Karlskrona, then to the North. To the seemingly permanent music of Philipp Fankhauser this trip in lovely, and helpful wind and weather conditions took us over nearly 200 sm first through the open Kalmar Strait and then along the archipelago along the coast through incredible routes led, ran past often  with only a few metres between us and the rocks.

Great care was needed, but the navigator and helmsman were always thorough and checked the plotter and charts frequently, to make the right decision. A perfect training cruise, in a wonderful area.

The long days of the North shortly before midsummer further rounded out the experience. The nights were still quite fresh, during the day it needed also good clothes, but it was warm in the sun.

In Kalmar (second night) we were alongside the Harbour, just a short walking distance to a sauna,  the port in Figeholm (3 night) was still completely empty, on the fourth night, we made out on a buoy of the Swedish of yacht clubs in a natural harbour where we used the dinghy for going ashore, then on to the port of Fyrudden (4 night) and Nävekvarn (5 night), the last night in Norrköping Rosen.

With one exception (Kalmar) the crew  always ate on board. Roger would get us at anchor and the drinks and food, (Gin Tonic Baltic style) as the sun stayed high and then the whisky (Lagavulin) at dusk, which lasted until shortly before midnight, will be long remembered.

Often we started very early, as it was again almost as bright as day from 4 h. The start went well each amazing after muesli with Filmjölk (Swedish sour milk) and hot Swedish toast thanks to the toaster bought in Karlskrona.
Bottom line: A perfect cruise on a beautiful vessel and in a unique location.

Author: Thomas

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