Rolling Swiss’s Blues Cruise No 2

  19.05. – 26.05.2012 Norrköping – Stockholm

Skipper: Stephan
Crew: Priska und Thomas

Stephan and I stayed another week and brought our new crew member in the early afternoon at the train station in Norrköping – that was the good surprise.

Shopping, introduction to the boat and rest – we started with a night voyage; the  unexpected surprise.

An unforgettable experience in the face of many beacons and buoys and of course the music of Philipp Fankhauser, and so ended up we safely to the the islands, where we made coffee as the sun came up.

What now followed was incredible: 6 very warm and even hot days in the archipelago around Stockholm, with hardly busy harbours and bays.

This unique area was almost empty for us, and accordingly we planned beautiful routes through the islands each day, the direct route was frowned upon. So we explored natural bays, anchorages, sailing each time for 1 to 3 hours and always arriving in a beautiful new place.

So, we stayed in a nature reserve on a buoy of the Swedish of yacht clubs with our boat completely open in the evening sun with best view of the islands and fauna of the reserve. At Ringsö we successfully tried to moor stern to, a unique experience. The only night in an official port was in Trosa, where we enjoyed our single meal at a restaurant.

Otherwise we were three sea Gypsies, travelling the archipelago; in the most beautiful places we would stay for a break, a meal or for the night. This of course meant eating al fresco and unforgettable moments on the aft deck of our yacht; breakfast, picnic or drinks; We lived virtually only out there this week. And to the music of Philipp Fankhauser, a veritable Blues cruise.

The trip took in about 165 miles over 33 engine hours in the Stockholm area, where the ships around us were always numerous and then densely settled in the Islands. Our arrival into Stolkholm will remain unforgetable.


Author: Thomas

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