The Russian Experience

16.06. – 30.06.2012 Helsinki – St.

Skipper Marc and Florin

Crew: Max, Pierre-François, Peter

To take Rolling Swiss II to St. Petersburg, that was our mission. Florin, Pierre-François (“PF”),
Max, Peter and I got together for this “common nautical destiny”! The impressions during those 14 days were even more diverse:

• From the solitude of the Finnish archipelago to the busy city of Saint Petersburg

• Almost every day sunshine, and then low hanging clouds with drizzle

• From sunset to sunrise in three hours without darkness – … or the realization of why you’re more tired after the holidays than before when working

• The European EU Regulations and then the Russian rules in Vyborg.

• From the most expensive in the North Marina in Helsinki for two days to a free berth at Zollpier in Vyborg

• From the theoretical to the practical applied: SRC radio contact with Russian authorities

• From thousands of rocks and shoals to Russian naval units rocketing  toward
us were some of the obstacles we faced.

• from a mission for the Russian Coatsguard to identify an unknown radar contact some miles in front of us to an investigation mission in Vyborg with the goal to find a girlfriend named Tamara of a young sailer, who had been missing for 50 years.

• From the most expensive beer in Finland to the cheapest vodka in Russia

• From the implicit meaning of the words “Caillou Caillou” to “HoHo
Hooo” accompanied by a meaningful glance and slight roll of the eye

The highlight of the trip was a “night” cruise along the Neva with the relief crew. Thank you very much at this point to Vladimir who supported us and professionally during
our visit to St. Petersburg.

For the crew 08-2012-25, Marc Pingoud

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