Congested Harbours and Anchorages

07.07. – 14.07.2012 Helsinki – Helsinki

Skipper: Bertrand and Astrid

Crew: Cornerlia, Thomas and René

While crew members Cornelia and Thomas along with skipper Bertrand and Skipper 2 Astrid did the major shopping in Helsinki, René, who completed the crew for this week was busy cleaning Rolling Swiss II.

With the previous crew departing on the Saturday, a dinner of the two “teams” was the start of a varied cruise in the archipelago west of Helsinki.

The days were filled with the precise navigation and the continuous ticking off the number of navigational aids, so any time it was clear where the ship and crew are. This is important in this rock-rich area and makes navigating the many waterways through the area of ​​interest. Of course, there was time to admire the varied, pristine and diverse landscape.

In the evenings we docked at (crowded) ports. Usually with a stern line onto buoy. Especially in stronger winds, with the comparatively large size of our boat, this was not always and an easy task but often a neighbour would help. Amazing how many boats can get onto a on a small pier head! The more densely packed, the less movement! So we could also explore some Finnish towns.

The last two nights we spent anchored in bays and enjoyed feeling our bodies in the clear waters. The weather was great too, the sun was warming after a dip.

Happy after our experiences we handed on Rolling Swiss in Helsinki to the relief crew.  Everyone was happy with the cruise we had chosen.

Reported by Bertrand

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