What happened to Akki’s suitcase?

28.07. – 04.08.2012 Turku – Turku

Skipper: Urs

Crew: Akki, Andy, Christopher, Philippe and Corinne

Saturday, July 28

The crew found Rolling Swiss II in Turku at 11 am. The only notable absence is the suitcase of Akki which did not follow its owner. The start was delayed a little to allow her to go and buy some things she might need for a few days.

At 15.00 hours, we set off, after admiring the new wardrobe of our crew member.  We reached Nauvo already after 35 miles at sea. As it was busy in the harbour, we moored onto  a yacht whose crew was all female. To thank them for their hospitality, we offer a bottle of red Neuchâtel.

The port was busy, mostly with Finns on the last day of their holidays and there to enjoy the party late into the night.

Dinner was a surprise for us: fish cooked by Corinne proved inedible because far too salty.

This encourages some of the crew to go to the pub to quench their thirst, Bravely confronting the big storm of the revelry in the port.

Sunday, July 29:

Gentlely wake with the sun. revellers recover from the party the night before and nobody moves in the port before 9:30. After a hearty breakfast, a visit to the harbour area, we discovered a beautiful 17th century church surrounded by a cemetery.

Still no news of the bag, we headed to the port of Sottunga that offers a great contrast with the port yesterday. The harbour is much smaller, there are fewer  boats and the atmosphere is very quiet. Silence reigns at the scene. An excursion on land allows us to discover a beautiful wooden church. In the forest covered with a thick layer of moss and lichen we find chanterelles which complement nicely the evening meal.

Tuesday, July 30

Awakening to a drizzling rain which accentuates the silence of the place.

We weighed anchor at 10 o’clock and headed towards Mariehamn where Akki will be able to retrieve his suitcase.

Time passes slowly, but there are still quite a swell. The Swiss Rollings II must divert hastily to avoid a big ferry that turns. Phew! We get out of the way!

We arrive in Mariehamn under a blazing sun. Where we admire two beautiful four masted ships moored near our berth.

Akki has finally found his suitcase. We finished the evening at a restaurant in port.

Wednesday, July 31

The sun is with us today. Departure Mariehamn towards Kastelholm, with  a breeze and glorious sunshine.

We arrive at 3:30 p.m. punctually in the pretty port of Kastelholm, which allows us to visit the area. We visit the castle and a park where old houses are built in the typically Finnish style. You can see some windmills and old farms.

Thursday, August 1,

Starting at 10 am Kastelholm towards Lappo.  Navigation including a somewhat difficult passage between two small islands very close together.  The harbour at Lappo is particularly unattractive, but we watch fascinated as ferries bring and take away everything that is needed for life on the island.

We admire the full moon as it rises in the clear sky.

Friday, August 2

After a huge breakfast, we check what’s left in the fridge – verdict after eating so much?  better be careful with balance on deck!  We leave the port to return to Lappo Nauvo. The goal is to clean the boat and refuel (yes, sadly our journey is almost finished).

Port Nauvo is much quieter this time. We easily find a berth as the Finnish holidays are nearing completion.

Saturday, August 3

Tasks are distributed, everyone cleaning, then the inventory.  A trip to the pumps is our
last stop and back to Turku.

After a meal at the Italian restaurant at Sergio, we spend one last night on the boat. In the morning everyone goes home with a head full of memories.

Summary by Corinne

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