11.08. – 18.08.2012 Stockholm – Stockholm

Romantic bays with exciting journeys

Skipper: Ruedi, Ludwig

Crew : Jacqueline, Alena, Andreas und Patrick.

Introduction by the skipper

Shortly before my departure to Stockholm news reached me from the skipper that Rolling Swiss II had suffered damage to the starboard propeller, and that at the end of my
tour I should take the boat to a yard near Stockholm for a replacement propeller to be refitted, delivered from Switzerland. Furthermore, during our tour we are limited to a maximum engine rpm of 1300. Which equates to a comfortable displacement speed. Well! At least that limits our fuel consumption. Our whole crew took the bad news calmly and we discussed between ourselves, Who would consider being bought forward for another tour on RS II?
Anyway, we were offered this. More on this later.

Handover and journey to Napoleonsviken

The skipper, as an experienced sailor and nature lover as well as having knowledge of the archipelago, it was clear that with a motorboat. One only needs to anchor and then tie up
against one of the archipelago boulders. So for him it was taken for granted that the required equipment is already present on RS II. If the skipper had previously checked the inventory, he wouldn’t have had to franticly race around Stockholm to get the rock pitons & a buoy hook. Despite a taxi ride back, he was sweating but happy to have the necessary equipment onboard. After the safety briefing, we headed south through the narrow winding channels to Napoleonsviken. The crew makes its first tangible experience with RS II and the skipper feels more at home. This is simply a fantastic boat.

12.8. Napoleonsviken – Rassavikar

This Scenic trip, coarse SW, was no great challenge for the helmsman. Towards Aspskär the instructions from the navigator became more and more specific, go straight then
turn to starboard. The tension was not only felt by the helmsman, the whole
crew was holding its breath. Only now, to the sides of the channel it became
apparent the full extent of the challenge. So much boat and so little space. It
looked like a dead end. On the starboard side it seems there was only cm’s to
spare, and on the port side? It was a totally new experience. All one saw was green
islands, no water. Only with the help of a crew member, reporting on the space
between the island and the boat, could this narrow channel be successfully

After further impasses, shoals, rocks and a longer, all be it a wider channel, we were
rewarded by nature. Rassavikar spread out before us.

13.8. Rassavikar – Trosa – Västerfjärden (Ringsö)

We spent a quiet night in the heart of nature in front of a large boulder, then collected
ourselves ready for the next challenge. This time, not South to the open sea but north into the interior. Even more nature was asked for. More channels, forks and junctions. The main demand of the Navigator culminated in- Please do not confuse any of the islands & without exception pay attention to all the navigation marks. And for the Helmsman- always stay “cool”. When maneuvering, Inner calm is half the battle. Not to close your eyes, but keep the dangers in clear sight, is the key to success. Today we had 5, namely each crew member.
For the helmsman at the wheel or on the throttles, the real challenge was to
maneuver RS II through the winding constrictions unharmed.

After Trosabesuch in the afternoon we headed directly between the islands of Ringsö and found a wonderful archipelago. After our arrival, dead silence around the hidden bay. In the coves Swedish boats lay hidden. We couldn’t even hear our neighbors to the port and starboard of us.
Then the ultimate shock. The crew of RS II was hungry after a difficult day so we needed to cook…..- on an electric stove.

Our „Geni“ is actually quite quiet, but it was the only sound in an otherwise dead quiet bay. In reply the Swedes felt obliged to communicate with us. A head shaking Swede
could not understand how you could cook with electricity on a boat.

The next stage, on account of strong wind we choose to find another route instead of going on the open sea as we had earlier planned. So we navigate again through the shelter of the archipelago. Never the less the crew can feel how stable and responsive RS II is in waves, if only for 2 hours.

On arriving in Utö, we try the second most important tool in the archipelagos. After rock
pitons is the mobile disposable grill. “Smaklig måltid” in German “en Guetä”.

15.8. Utö S –Säck

The islands on the doorstep to Stockholm inspire us once again. We find the best spot that is sheltered from all wind. A cove at Säck.

16.8. Säck – Getfote

Once again the navigation was not so easy. The beautiful green islands all look the same and are not always immediately recognizable as an island.

Getfote is no dream destination. That is something we knew already. But the very small island lies about 5 Nautical miles NE of our yard. But on its south side there is a sandy
beach with Sauna. We enjoyed both and watched passing cruise ships arriving in Stockholm.

17.8. Getfote – Werft – Stockholm

Like Clockwork, we find ourselves at the yard a 9:00. Or is it a junk yard? The skipper is
confident that his navigation is correct and proceeds to search for somebody
amongst the piles of stainless steel. They also found us, and informed us that
we are in the right place. However the propeller, shipped from Switzerland
has not arrived and is still in the Swedish customs.

Super….this as well, so the skipper! The communication channel to Marc (who is responsible for the boat) and negotiator with the yard go full speed and eventually we find
solution to the problem. The boat is to be taken out of the water and the
starboard propeller is to be repaired in this facility (ok so it’s not a
junkyard). Thanks to Marc and the boats papers, we have the original spec
sheets for both the propellers on board. About 3 hours later the newly repaired
propeller, looking brand new is mounted on RS II. At this point I would like to
thank the yard worker for his precise Swedish craftsmanship, and due to us, he
needed to work overtime and despite this enjoyed his work.

The Testing under full load for noise and vibration are successful and we turn around and
come back after some delay to Wasahamn in Stockholm

Finally, I should mention that it has been a successful, incredibly beautiful, exciting
and instructive cruise with a great crew.

Posted by: Skipper Rudolf in cooperation with
the crew 1.9.2012/rz


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