18.08. – 25.08.2012 Stockholm – Norrköpping

Archipelago navigation at its best

Skipper: Urs,

Crew : Marc-Henri, Andreas, Martin, Ernst

“From Stockholm we will follow the coast down towards Norrköping. Our cruise takes us through archipelagoes, that require very careful navigation”. This is the announcement from our skipper. Our program is to find our way through the variety of large and small archipelagos and channels, overnight in beautiful bays and visit harbors that are , at this time of year, quite quiet. Cruising the archipelago requires specific docking
techniques. With a stern anchor (CQR 27kg from the forward cabin) and mooring
lines to the Rock pitons, it’s always a special experience. The weather was
kind to us, rain sparse and mostly in the evening or at night. Daytime
temperature around 20deg C

The Crew:
Urs – Skipper with huge experience,  avid bread baker
Peter – Skipper 2 and short performance during his Scandinavian tour,
Marc-Henri – he brings that French Swiss etiquette to the boat
Andreas Hager – always high voltage, master Chef
Martin – The physician responsible for any Bobos (not required), grateful eater
Ernst – treasurer and columnist

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