25.08. – 08.09.2012 Norrköping – Göteborg

Open Sea,
Archipelagos, lakes, Secrets and canals

Hanspeter und Florin

Crew : Suzanne, Ivo und Paulette

A motley crew or 5, Canton borders forgotten, came together in Kloten. Ready, Excited and cheerful.

Hanspeter, the experienced Skipper, Florion skipper 2 and Paulette. And last but not least, us two, Suzanne and the scribe Ivo.

The flight, a bus journey, and we are already in Stockholm, in Scandic-hotel room. A stroll
through the old town, a quick Spaghetti at “Peppe”. A drink, then another, then
bed time. A start, to everyone’s liking.

Daytime, on the train to Norrköping. In Lindö port , there it is! Rolling Swiss, not 1 but 2.
The previous crew, with see legs, waiting for handover. If only everything was that

So everything is going fine. The tour is started and we are under way, better than expected. Open Sea, Archipelago, Secrets and canals welcome us. No Problems.

Despite Red/Green, Flashing, map, GPS and instructions, to be in this environment is
worth it.

We Sail what every the weather, tense due to the width of the canals. We proceed Undeterred with frowns from Swedes or Danish Skippers only looking on. Göta  and Trollhättekanal, Vättern, and also Vänersee. We experienced and saw it!
We are already at our destination, Göteborg. All going well, then a strong wind comes up.
To round off, highly deserved praise to the two female crew members. What they conjured up, onto the table everyday was simply top notch.

Every star chef humble behind their Pot, fork, plate and knife. “No chance for me, these two are simply better”
And to end, huge thanks to our two skippers. They did a great job.
Suzanne and Ivo

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