15.09. – 22.09.2012 Kopenhagen – Kiel

Kiel Canal and the East
Frisian Islands
Skipper 1: Ernst, Skipper 2: Otto

Crew: Benno, Pierre-François, Bernd, Mitch

The skipper and part of the crew traveled to Kopenhagen and spent a night in the danish municipality before they could take handover of “Rolling Swiss II” on Saturday in the yacht marine “Langelinie”  next to the famous “little mermaid” . Aft a shopping trip and setup, we let the lines off and made our way. Direction Sweden!

In the Yacht marina on Skanör (A small Swedich island). We ate a fine fish in a small restaurant right on the pier. And spent our first night aboard.

On Monday we continue to Karrebaeksminde and on Tuesday to Svendborg. It was important to us that, next to living aboard, that we explored the towns on foot. So we visted Svendborg and photographed amongst other things the famous krooked houses.

Because we want to arrive in the port of Faaborg at night, so as to be lead into the port by the harbour light, we head for Aeroskobing first.  Where we practice anchoring.

The Subsequent night entrance into Faaborg was a great experience and the whole crew had a lot of fun. The next leg eventually took us to Germany where we found our spot in the Eckernförde port. The most impressive thing about this port is the wooden sailor, that was stood directly next to us.

After we catered on board for ourselves, and downed 2 bottles of champagne to initiate Skipper 2 new job. We took to our bunks.

By now it was friday and we had to make our way to Kiel. To hand the boat over to the next crew on Saturday.

The control of Kiel was very impressive, as we where surrounded by large freighters that where turning into the Kiel canal or coming from there.

After we got the whole boat gleaming and shipshape we went into Kiel for a fine Steak spend a pleasant last evening.

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