22.09. – 29.09.2012 Kiel- Emden

Kiel Canal and the East Frisian Islands

Skipper : Rolf und Markus
Crew: Ruedi, Karl und Hanspeter

The Trip starts with a simple dinner in Kiel on Friday 21.9. Where we can make the final agreements and preparations for the coming day.

Saturday starts with shopping and the handover of Rolling Swiss II in the port of Kiel, and not before long its „let the lines off“. The first thrill is right on the door step, the lock to the
Historic and world’s busiest Canal. The Kiel Canal.

The passage is actually less spectacular than we had imagined, but anyway, it’s
the first time. The journey takes us in sunshine and calm water to the idyllic
Rendsburg, located on a branch of the Kiel Canal.

The north German food and the excellent infrastructure of yacht clubs provide a
beautiful finish to the first stage. Early start the next day because we want
to take the Kiel Canal all the way to the lock at Brunsbüttel and then onwards
to Webel, just before Hamburg.

Total 64 Nautical miles. By 16:30 the task is complete and we finish off the
day in a harbour restaurant. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind to us. For
the next few days it was wind and rain with little sunshine.

Monday is the shortest leg of the trip to Hamburg. Where we arrived still in bad weather. Unfortunately there was only time for a short glimpse of this legendary and historic city. The evening spent in the famous lightship restaurant will surely stay in our memories. The next day we proceeded, in dreadful weather, to the next destination, Cuxhaven; the doorway to the North  Sea. The improved weather and the beautiful port facilities at the
yacht club on the edge of the picturesque village contribute to a good atmosphere that evening.

Well rested we set of on the „queen Stage“ to Nordeney, one of the Frisian island. In addition to the navigational challenge, the journey to the island with it’s changing sandbanks and channels was done in very wavy and rainy conditions. Not to mention the 67 nautical miles covered. We where really happy that the weather cleared up before we
arrived. A sunny evening on picturesque island and a very well kept and equipped port was reward for these difficult days.

The trip to Borkum, the most westerly of the East Frisian Islands, was again in terrible weather. The Former port of the German Navy had plenty of space, but was in a somewhat neglected condition and the tank station was not up to date. To everyone’s surprise the weather cleared up and we finished the long day with a fine menu aboard. A good end to the day.

It was already Friday and with that the end of the cruise drew nearer, we needed to get to Emden by midday. Entrance to the harbor of this city, which was completely rebuilt after the war, was through a lock and under a whole bunch of lifting bridges.  We enjoyed our last evening of trip in this warmhearted and well kept town and recounted the last glorious week. That the subsequent homeward journey was delayed by two forces could not spoil, on balance, a positive week.

We all had during this trip, thanks to our experienced Skipper Rolf and Skipper 2 Markus, the opportunity to be in an excellent & well balanced team and to learn and deepen our understanding of boat handling. Also Rolling Swiss II is an ideal and comfortable boat. Not forgetting also the great discussions in the evening over a nice glass of wine.
Verfasst von Hanspeter

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