20-10-2012 “Rolling Home!”

Since Saturday 20.10.2012 MY Rolling Swiss II has been on its way to Basel. The previous week she had an intensive overhaul and service at the De Welt Shipyard. Thus, all the traces of the previous 29 charters where eliminated. In particular the yellow discoloration
caused by the “Ostseebug”, an algae particular to the Baltic Sea. Robert needed
to polish diligently to get the hull gleaming white again.

It was a surprise to see “Aqualibra” RS IIs oldest sister ship wintering at De Klerk Shipyard. “Aqualibra” was the first Trader 42, hull number #1. RS II is hull number #22.

The „Rolling“ has provided yet another impressive season for 2012: The trip to St.
Petersburg and back, adding another approximately 1000 more hours and 5700
Nautical miles to the log book of our motor boat, and with nearly 90%
utilization CCS is very satisfied.

Onwards Rolling Home. 27.10.2012 Köln; 03.11.2012 Karlsruhe; 10.11.2012 Basel.

Currently, MY Rolling Swiss II is open to all that are interested:  Visit the CCS motor yacht during the CCS Meeting on 17.11.2012 in Basel. Or during the CCS AGM on 24.11.2012. On Sunday 25.11.2012 there is the opportunity for guests to do trips through Basel on the

We look forward to seeing you in November onboard the MY ROLLING SWISS II.

Until then, we wish RSII an exciting and varied ascent. You can follow the progress hourly
on “Yellowbrick” or AIS tracking.

Marc Pingoud,
Schiffsverantwortlicher MY ROLLING SWISS II

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