30-03-13 to 06-04-13 Basel to Medmblik

Homesick for salt water

Skipper: Marc and Urs

Crew: Lilo, Christoph, Guido, Ludwig

From the logbook:  Easter Monday,
1st April 2013, 0910, entering the Bingener Lock.

For the first time in the CCS’s 60 year history. One of the club’s
boats has visited its home port of Basel.

Now it’s time to put the mountains behind us and head for Holland and
the sea and to start of program of cruises for the year.

Once we have travelled almost 900km along the Rhine, this boat will be
on her way to join the majestic cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord in Norway.

We  encounter all manner of weather including snow and ice on the deck, and a positively Alpine sunrise on 1st April, cloudless and with the sun behind us…there was even some
Swiss yodelling on board!

Thanks to my whole crew for their dedication on this trip.


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