At Home on the Canals!

There were seven of us aboard the Trader 42 “Rolling Swiss” for this cruise from Bremerhaven to Emden.  Near the start, we passed the lovely old the old lighthouses “Alter Weser” and “Roter Sand” on the way to Helgoland.

An excellent surprise in Helgoland: as it is a duty-free island we bought beef filet for just 19 Euro per kilo! Brilliant!

Due to a warning message from the ship’s electronics, we turmed back to Cuxhaven to sort out the repair, and everything was resolved there quickly and successfully…. so we were on our way to Ludwigshaven.

It was very exciting entering into the old navy port of Wilhelmshaven, a special permission was needed to passé through. After the sea lock, we reached the picturesque Ems-Jade channel.

It was the most fantastic experience: the friendly lock and bridge guardians led us in timely manner from one lock to another…sometimes they accompanied us on bicycle and  everything was for free!

We stayed a night in the picturesque village of Hooksiel, for free again!

At the lock, we had the opportunity to use one of the Trader 42′s most excellent features: the adjustable radar arch! It is a great feature of the boat, that we can lower the mast and bring the air draft down to just 3.5 metres!

Some of our crew members needed to gain some more miles to attain their cruising sea licences and prove their experience at sea…. So, we decided to “race” to Borkum in one go – which we achieved! The next day, we headed to our final destination-Emden- to hand over to the next crew…

CCS Crew, August 2010


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