04-05-13 to 11-5-13 Kiel to Aarhus

Skipper: Hanspeter, Peter

Crew: Patricia, Werner, Bernhard, Severin

Bulk shopping follows our first breakfast on board, and after the
safety briefing, the skipper takes the wheel and we head off towards the fishing
village of Maasholm.  En route, we
overhear the radio messages of a mayday rescue in progress; a yacht had
capsized, but fortunately everyone was rescued.

On Sunday, Severin acted as skipper, and navigated first to the island
of Nylø where we anchores and enjoyed a lunch of salmon on board.  After Bernhard and Severin made a small
voyage in the dinghy, we lifted the anchor and followed the navigation marks into
Fåborg, a small town of painted houses.
Patricia cooked a wonder spaghetti supper on board.

Bernhard planned the next day, and navigated us to Aeroskoebing for lunch
and onto Svendborg – both towns of similar small painted houses, and very sleepy.  Tonight’s supper – Severin’s lamb curry.

Up by 8am, the harbour is used for practicing berthing manoeuvres, and
we are all getting more adept with the boat.
Werner, today’s skipper, takes us to Nyborg, Kerteminde and Kolbykaas, on
the island of Samsø.  We had decided to
make this long voyage so we would be just 40 miles from Aarhus, our final
destination, due to uncertain weather forecasts.  By six, we were safely moored in Kolbykaas,
where Bernardo serves rigatoni al arrabiata.

With moderate weather the next day, we headed to the other side of the
island and anchored, leaving enough time in the afternoon to perfect coming alongside
at 45 degrees, getting a spring line on and bringing the boat alongside with
the outboard engine in reverse.  Repeated
practice makes perfect!  Skipper’s supper
tonight, fish and potatoes cooked beautifully in the oven.

We halted on our final voyage to Ebeltoft to visit the museum ship and
then onto Aarhus where we moored in the port of Marselisborg.  Dinner? Chicken and asparagus.

We should have been cleaning on this our last full day, but the rain
and wind made it difficult, so we made time for lunch in the port and after all
the chores were done, Hanspeter took us to a trendy steakhouse in Aarhus.

It’s been a super week, and very instructive.  Thanks everyone.


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