18-05-13 to 01-06-13 Aarlborg to Arendal to Stavanger

Skipper:  Ernst

Crew: Claudia, Rudolf, Sigrid, Werner and Akki

Not for the first time (see last year) Scandinavian Airlines delayed
some of our luggage, but as we had a day in hand, we were complete (with luggage)
to join the boat on the 18th.
We were soon out in the heavily buoyed Limfjord and heading for
Asa.  Everything was just as in the guide
it appeared, but perhaps the two meter channel isn’t quite perfectly dredged
and so on the first day, thankfully at a snail’s pace, the starboard side of
the boat hunkered down as we kissed the bottom.
We were free after a few secondly, and gingerly proceeded into the port.

Talking to people in the port, they reckoned the easterly wind kept the
water half a meter lower than usual, so we followed the fishermen’s advice to
leave two hours earlier than we had planned.
What we did not know was that, on leaving the port, they turn and arc to
next mark, where we turned straight to head to it.  There was a jolt and the starboard engine cut
out and the wind was pushing us onto the sand bank. After quarter of an hour we
were free and Ernst had us back in the port.
After consulting with marc and accepting an offer from the kind harbour
master, we decided to lift the boat.

We found a small dent in the starboard prop, which Rudi repaired right
away with a hammer.  The resistance was
also higher on the starboard shaft when turned by hand, so we dscided to flush
the stern gland of sand.

On the flood tide, we headed to Frederikshavn, had extensive handling
practice and headed on to Skagen.  We
would head for Norway on the Tuesday and with visibility of just 1 mile the
radar would be much in use.

The weather in Norway was beautiful and we were looking forward to
exploring the archipelago and its picturesque coves.  It was not yet hot, and being before the
season kicks off on 1st June, a lot of the facilities were still

On the way to Stavanger, we saw dolphins, enjoyed a BBq on the
beautiful island of Boroyholman and the high mountains of the Lysefjord.  We also learned that Norwegian boaters don’t
slow down to pass through narrow bridges and enjoyed excellent Grapa on the one
day of rain in Sjokoladeterapie.

Petra, Jurg and Akki

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