29-06-13 to 06-07-13 Älesund to Älesund

The Rolling Swiss Gourmet Cruise

Skipper: Urs, Andreas

Crew: Agnès, Brigitte, Marc-Henri, Thomas

Huge! Not just the mountains that surround us as we cruise the world
famous Geiranger fjord, but also the cruise ships we share the waters with.

And the bread!  Brigitte always
makes sure the crew are well fed, and I’m sure we all put on a few pounds.  Fresh bread, cakes and the finest smells from
the galley always heralded a fine dinner.
Surely the finest gourmet cruise in the high north!

Rolling Swiss II made her most northerly point with us, and there were
few ships joining us up there.  The
weather was unfortunately rather Nordic cool, but the evenings were just
incredible with amazing sunsets and never getting completely dark.  Unforgettable.

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