20-07-13 to 27-02-13 Bergen – Bergen

Skipper: Rolf and Martin

Crew: Claudia, Justin, Urs and Franci

Guys, I feel guilty…

We went to Bergen in Norway to mess about with our boat Rolling Swiss
II and clock up some more miles towards our boat licences…Bergen is famous for
its rainy days, and we take over from a crew who had been very much
disappointed by the weather.

Instead, we had eight days of sunshine, and wore shorts the whole
time!  I hope we haven’t used up all the
sunshine for the rest of this summer’s crews.

You can see in our photos the happy crew and the amazing blue colours
of the sea and sky (as well as the frayed club flag on RS2, but it has seen a
lot of miles and I’m sure we’ll get a new one soon).

If you want to know where we went, I’m not sure I can remember all the
unpronounceable place names, but the locations were beautiful and the people
very welcoming. One note of caution; despite the beautiful weather, the sea
remained a chilly 11 degrees.

On the boat, the oven controls tried everyone’s patience and once the dinghy
outboard was reluctant to start but these small incidents could not tarnish our
joy of a fantastic holiday and we returned home invigorated and with many fond

P.S. As soon as we handed the boat over to the next crew, it started

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