24-08-13 to 31-08-13 Oslo to Oslo

Skipper: Andi, Max

Crew: Reto, Paul, Marco, Charlotte

Saturday 24-08-13


After handover, Max and Andi check the boat and plan our trip while the
rest of us are dispatched to do the provisioning.  It’s quite an operation; 100 kg of water,
juice and wine (of course!) as well as food for the week. Lots of innovative
ideas are employed to first transport and then stow everything we have
bought.  Then Max gives a safety
briefing, including the use of the lifejackets.

The weather is a dream; blue sky and sea – the water looks like a lake,
oily flat.

On the program for the first day is to anchor in Hăyöbukta bay, 15
miles away from Oslo.  Andi briefs us on
the boat procedures and we take our positions; Andi at the wheel, Paul on the
spring, Reto and Paul on the stern line and Marco and Charlotte with fenders on
the bow.  After a perfect cast off, we
are out of the port and into the Oslofjord by 14.15.  Because it’s the weekend and the beautiful
weather, it looks like Lake Zurich! Very little shipping is moving.  At 8 knots we make good progress and we are
soon in the lake preparing the anchor and the land line.  Paul and Max go ashore armed with rock nails
for the land line and with 50m of chain laid out everything holds and they
return to the boat.

As dinner is prepared, there is a heated discussion about how to make
salad dressing between Marco and
Charlotte, while the rest of us look at the long voyage planed for
tomorrow – we plan to make for the beautiful natural harbour of Gluppösome 75 miles
to the south.

After a beautiful evening meal of spaghetti eaten on the aft deck, Reto
has the great idea to sleep on the foredeck, but quickly gives up as it gets
cold after sunset.

Sunday 25-08-13

With our plan to leave at 6.30, most of the crew see the beautiful
sunrise an hour before.  Fortified with
breakfast and lots of coffee, we cast off the landline and haul the anchor.

In amazing weather, we head south and lots of us spend time on the
foredeck – or “sun terrace” as it is known on board.  As good seamen, we change the courtesy flag for
a Swedish one at the border and finally reach the island of Gluppö.  Again, we moor as Scandinavians do, with both
chain out and a land line taken ashore.
While dinner is prepared, Paul and Charlotte take a dinghy trip and go
ashore to photograph Rolling Swiss II from the rocks.  Dinner, drinks and sunset make for a
beautiful atmosphere on board and we chat and swap stories on the aft deck
until midnight.

Monday 26-08-13

Having cast off at 8.30 we head south through a narrow strait between
the island of Hamburgöand the mainland.
Charlotte helms the boat through the narrow passage just on the engines
– she is getting a good feel for handling the boat. Later, we anchor for lunch
in the fjord of Sannäsfjorden and after head on to the harbour at Strömstad.
Paul brings the boat in expertly along the pontoon, but we have two goes at
setting the warps for the perfect tie up.

Supplies of wine are getting low and we seem to have forgotten balsamic
and olive oil, so Marco and Charlotte are dispatched into the city to remedy
this intolerable situation.  This turns
out not to be that easy, as wine is only sold in special shops, and the close
one has already closed. After a quick march, loaded with shopping bags, they
make the second with two minutes to spare.
Phew!  It’s a long walk back
though loaded up like pack-donkeys.
Worth it though, as we enjoy a dinner on board of pork cutlet, caprese
and fried potatoes with rosemary.

Tuesday 27-08-13

As everyone is up with the dawn at 5.30, we head out to see an hour
earlier than we had planned.  We have to
traverse the canal that separates the islands of Koster and Nordkoster.  The islands are connected by a chain ferry,
which uses a flashing yellow light to assert its right of way over all other
marine traffic.  We wait before passing.

For lunch we anchor off the island of Otterön where we disturb the
peace by running our generator so we can cook eggs and bacon.  After a siesta we move on, heading north and
then north west, running south of Syd Koster and into the beautiful bay at
Arholmen.  Again, we lay the stern anchor
with 50 metres of rope and lines onto the rocks.

Supper is sea fish just caught by ourselves from the dinghy, and
prepared with tomatoes, lemon and a drop of Pastis.  While we chat, we agree we’ll all put in a
bit for the fuel budget so we can try the boat going faster tomorrow.

Wednesday 28-08-13

Paul has finally delivered on his promises, and frothed milk so
Charlotte can enjoy her morning cappuccino.

We set off at 8.45, and again the weather is wonderful. Andi helms the
boat into the open water, sets the throttle and, with a roar, we surge up to 20
knots.  Rolling Swiss II sits comfortably
in the water at this speed, and everyone has a turn helming at speed.

At this speed, we quickly reach the mainland where we conduct our man
over board practices.  After, Reto helms
the boat into the bay and we anchor again at about 13.45.  Our fifth day voyaging is done, and now we
have 238 miles on the log.

We have no bread, so Paul and Max go ashore in the dinghy with a four
mile round trip to a shop ahead of them.
While they’re off, the boat is cleaned, log books filled in and the
peace enjoyed.  When they finally return
with milk and bread, we all laugh at the photo of their “shop” – stall would
really be the word.

Tonight’s meal is a magnificent spaghetti Bolognese with a salad.  The breeze dies off, and when it does, the mosquitoes
descend and we take shelter in the boats comfy interior.

Thursday 29-08-13

Paul is up first as usual and, ignoring the jellyfish, takes a cold
bath off the back of the boat, even washing his hair in the sea!  Seeing his facial expression, Charlotte
changes her mind and does not go down the ladder.

Breakfast again features frothy milk, and then we prepare to put to
sea.  Unfortunately, this time it
doesn’t   go quite so well, and as a 12cm
pipe comes up with our anchor!  The boat
is carefully handled as Andi frees the pipe with a boathook and drops it back
in the water.  No angry locals appear, so
hopefully no harm was done!

Marco takes the helm and Max takes charge of the navigation.  They take great care in the shallow waters
along the Langärsund.  After two hours of
difficult navigation we are in the Oslofjord North where there is noticeably
more shipping traffic, including the ferry between Horten and Moss – plenty of
chances to practice assessing collision courses.

At about 18.00 we reach Havittingbutka at the southern tip of the
island of Jeloaya. The water is very deep, and out stern line technique is not
holding, so instead we lay both bow and stern line ashore, and the boat rest
safely across a small inlet.  To
celebrate our last anchoring, Reto hands round glasses of his port, which had
been intended for an Italian zabaglione desert.
We all agree that port has never tasted better!  Dinner is salad and then curry and rice, with
plenty of our hoarded wine, although everyone remains well behaved.

Friday 30-08-13

After a quick breakfast, we set off at 8am.  The seas are calm, but the sky overcast. We
have less than 3- miles to run to the marina in Aker Brygge.  There, the yacht is fuelled and we see the
cost of the previous day’s high speed adventures.  The boat takes 10,000 crowns of fuel, the
dinghy 60!  I wonder whether we should have
done a few more miles in the dinghy…

A careful bit of boat handling by Andi and the boa is safe on a
sheltered inner berth, and we can get on with preparing the boat and
paperwork.  A riotous final evening
ensues, on the floating restaurant nearby, where we even make some friends and
invite them back to our boat for a few late night drinks.

Saturday 31-08-13

The early birds gather at 7.30 for breakfast a hotel nearby.  Marco and Charlotte enjoy a lie in till 8.30,
but then have to get up as our next crews arrives promptly at 9.30 and the
skippers conduct their handover while we prepare for a day out in Oslo.  We hope the new crew have as fantastic trip
as we have, and that the weather improves for them!

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