31-08-13 to 07-09-13 Oslo to Gothenburg

Skipper: Ernst and Andreas

Crew: Daniela Marc-Henry and André


The trip started in Oslo
with the acquisition of the rolling Swiss II in heavy clouds and persistent
rain. While skipper tended to the takeover, the rest of the crew went to do the
shopping. After all the Rolling Swiss II was stowed, we treated ourselves to
the first lunch. After the skipper 2safety instructions we headed out – on our
way to the first anchor and place now in brilliant sunshine and blue skies. The
exit from the narrow harbour basin was a real masterpiece which our skipper
brilliantly mastered.

The first night on the Rolling
Swiss II at anchor, ran what but did not diminish his sleep due to wind and
waves. Only one creaky door left ajar scared us. It was early in the morning again
very quiet – for a harmonious and peaceful awakening! The ship operation and
life on board took its course. Today’s goal was a mooring on the island Kirköy.
Unfortunately, we found no appropriate place, so we docked at the pier in

After breakfast and water
bunkering, there for each crew member mooring maneuvers. Very instructive, and
more important again, under different circumstances – such as wind and currents
- perform the maneuver. Then we went a stage to Strömstad, which is already in
Sweden. Here, we enjoyed the beautiful steel blue weather and made just a few
purchases. Then we went into a small port in Havstensund, where there was no
shore power or water. A starry night underlined the Idyll.

Day 4 brought an exciting
stage. We crossed two channels; the Hamburg Sund and the Sotekanalen. The first
gave us great photo opportunities and a fantastic and well maintained
landscape. Here, we treated ourselves to lunch in a typical fish shop and
local. The second channel was very tight and we had to pass a low bridge. Since
the route was quite complex, almost the whole line was manually controlled and
navigated through the channels only on point of view.

Gullholmen was a pretty
idyllic and typical place, which is extinct but even out of season and on a few
residents. The aim of today’s stage was Kälkerö. A small, uninhabited island,
which was home to a few local birds. Here we have attached a stern anchor and 2
lines. Then there was a short dinghy instruction and then an exploration tour.
It was exciting that there was a great rescue exercise in the anchor area from
20.00 h to 23.00 h by the Swedish coastguard, which we couldwatchfrom our front
row seat out.

Day 6 is called the
destination Styrsö Sandvik. This is located just outside Gothenburg, our goal
for this trip. On this small island, which is also empty out of season, we
fueled and then cooked in the galley one last time a fine farewell meal.

Arrival in Gothenburg! Now,
the ship was scrub, cleaned, and polished to a high gloss. A beautiful,
weather, technically brilliant and instructive week was over.


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