07-09-13 to 13-09-13 Gothenburg to Copenhagen

Skipper: Florin, Andreas

Crew: Daniela and André, Monika and Anthony

And finally a night cruise

In the short term, me the route Göteborg – the end
of August was passed Copenhagen, my baptism of fire as skipper 1.

Some of the crew were already known to me, because the crew meeting had already
taken place. I had done my preparatory work, and consulted a logbook dug out
from the time when I had sailed here before. Also, I started watching the
weather development, which was quickly evolving, online.

The first encounter with the crew took place on Friday evening at a dinner and
I was always confident we would be fine.

Saturday morning went quickly, Daniel, André and Andreas already during the
previous week with the RS II, which significantly eased the handover and set
up. A part of the crew got the shopping, while those left behind were planning
the first stage and I could get comfortable in the role as skipper of the RS II.

The gained advantage on the planning allowed us already around 1500 to place
and to steer course on one of the many, Göteborg offshore islands, Fotö where
we could create a short drive around 1730. The port was already fully occupied
as it was Saturday. Thankfully, we found a place to moor nearby and were
spoiled with crabs and prawns, what we followed with Swiss chocolate. The offer
of hard booze of hard drinks we declined, and remained on board with Rioja and

On Sunday we had decided to drive first to the North, to enjoy the ride through
the Schärenlandschft. We reached our goal, Marstrand in the early afternoon, so
we had time for a day spent strolling around the impressive castle before

On Monday, we made it to Salö, the small island with the lighthouse, which
serves the control of Gothenburg. We knew that it would be very tight and found
a few places (2) unfortunately busy even before lunch. Thus we carried on to the
Marina Donsö, which has evolved tremendously since my last visit six years ago.

On Tuesday, we left the archipelago for a bigger trip with aim of getting to Varberg.
The somewhat monotonous ride has eased as Daniela and André had passed their
500th nautical mile. It was an hour later for Anthony too to clock his hours.
We arrived early in Varberg, so had time to the visit the Castle and then to
take a drive with the dinghy.

Also on Wednesday, the best thing was the weather and the calm seas. For the
Thursday, had we made us much and already laid off around 0900. The first
destination was Landskrona, where we docked shortly after noon. Until dusk everyone
did what they wanted, a visit of the Middle Stadzzentrums to a small snack, or
just with a little bit of the sun. By 8pm it was dusk and set sail for

Thanks to the good preparation of the crew, the beacons were each quickly
identified during the crossing. It was somewhat challenging when approaching Copenhagen.
It was not always easy to identify the important lights of the city. I was
somewhat relieved when we moored close to the Amalienborg at the Larsen Plaat
at 2300.

Unfortunately we spent much of Friday trying to find a “working” fuel
dock. So we unfortunately it was only after dusk that we reached the harbour in
Kastrup for our well-earned dinner. Rather than in downtown Copenhagen we
decided to spend the evening in the club room of the sailing club Kastrup where
we were gifted a club Pennant (a CCS pennant was already there).

It was a great experience with an established and knowledgeable crew.

Thank you very much,



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