14-09-13 to 21-09-13 Copenhagen to Kiel

Skipper:  Marc,

Crew: Bruno, Eric, Markus

Saturday 14-09-13

What a day to revisit our Lady! She was in the harbour at
Kastrup near Copenhagen, the weather was great, and our boat was ready to
roll!  A compliment to the previous crew,
she was immaculate inside and out.

Belongings stowed, we discussed our plans.  As the experienced CCS members know, first
off the boat needs to be provisioned – the well-being of the crew being the

So, with a suitable market identified, a team was dispatched
under the careful supervision of Markus who had nominated himself galley
chief.  Perhaps a few more items than
were on the list found their way past the cashier, and the less said about the
nutmeg the better, but soon it was all stored on board and in the late
afternoon we were on our way from Kastrup to Copenhagen harbour, where we
berthed on a long pier opposite a striking modern building.

Sunday 15-09-13

The reveille sounded at 4am, and the skipper ordered “cast
off” at 4.30…An early start, but Marc had planned for us a run of some 70
miles, with some night time navigation.

The sky was cloudy, drizzle fell and the visibility was
terrible. Finding the right course and identifying the navigation marks was a
real challenge for the whole crew but we worked hard, and thanks to thorough
preparation before we had set off, the boat ran safely and without incident
through to dawn and then the weather started to improve.

Early in the afternoon, we were safely moored in the harbour
of Stubbekøbing.

Eric, gourmet for the day, made this voyage particularly
memorable, as he whipped up a risotto with fresh chanterelles for us….yum!

Monday 16-09-13

From now on, the skippers have relaxed the morning schedule,
with a civilized breakfast at 8.30.

We took advantage of the spacious harbour for the crew to
practice mooring and boat handling, perfecting coming alongside and using
spring lines.

Around 11.00 we left the harbour and set off for your next
destination, Nykøbing.  We had hardly got
out of the shelter of the shore when a fierce wind picked up in front of
us.  Taking a force 6-7 right on the
nose, one could ask who has more work to do? Bruno the helmsman or the
windscreen wipers!

As an added challenge for our pair of navigators, the chart
plotter was covered up so we were practicing navigation the old fashioned
way!  One thing you can use while
navigating in shallow waters is the contours of the depth under the boat, a
great addition to the other, more obvious, references for checking your

So having mastered that challenge, we were son at the bridge
at Guldbord where we used our VHF skills in English to gain passage, and by
6.00 we were safely tied up in the port of Nykøbing.

We wanted to eat ashore, after such a day, but after a long
walk we failed to find a reasonable restaurant.
Plan B – back to the boat, and a raid on our Lady’s stores. The
result?  A fine Pasta al Tonno.  Result!

Tuesday 17-09-13

We woke to delightful weather and after a leisurely
breakfast and a visit to the spa; we were on our way once more.  Our second passage through the bridge was
marked by much more relaxed use of the VHF radio.

Today’s voyage was rather shorter; 26 miles would see us in
the island harbour at Vejrø.  A fierce
crosswind at the harbour entrance surprised all of us, as did the sudden rain
showers.  The crew did well though and
although the manoeuvres all had to carry out quickly, the boat was soon head to
wind alongside the pontoon with the spring lines secured.  It makes a real difference if everyone knows
how to do their role when the weather is less than ideal.

The island of Vejrø is privately owned by a banker from
Denmark.  It has a nice, new, restaurant
with a small shop counter as well as a few guesthouses, a lighthouse and a
small grass runway.  It also has many
many rabbits – no natural predators apparently.

This was the most expensive harbour we visited, but it also
had the best facilities, so that seemed fair.
We also had the culinary highlight of the cruise here as Eric rustled up
roast beef on board for us.

Wednesday 18-09-13

Another beautiful morning and a relaxed schedule on board
and by 10 o clock we were out on the open sea.

We wanted to do some open water handling exercises, so
everyone could get the feel of the boat.
Yes, our tracking line might look like an unintelligible squiggle, but
every crew member did practice helming for a man overboard.

Still in nice weather, we reached the port of Sposbjerg at
about 3.00.  After a refreshing trip
ashore to have a look around the village and get some more supplies, we retired
to the boat for the evening.

Thursday 19-09-13

With our cruise slowly coming to an end, we left before
10.00 on our way to Laboe.  Although the
long crossing was rather quiet and unspectacular, at the Leutturm of Laboe a
cloud came over the skipper.  The port
instructed us to moor against a metal pile wall, so to protect the boat and
Marc’s nerves, we attached the fender boards.
After a perfectly executed mooring, we were looking forward to
celebrating our 100 mile trip with champagne and a nice meal in a great restaurant,
and we were not disappointed.

Friday 20-09-13

The morning sky was cloudy, and the rain fell, but the light
was still striking and beautiful.

We made our way out of the harbour at Laboe, and into the
Kiel fjord and into the North East Channel.
After a short cruise round the harbour, Marc made sure our lady was
safely in her final destination in the port of Düsternbrook and the team had
used the fenders and lines for the last time.

After the announcement of our “Putzete” we enjoyed a fine
evening in the Cellar Rat in Kiel.

Saturday 21-09-13

There’s really not much to say – at 9am the boat was handed
over to her new skipper and our crew sadly went away.

It was a great week – 224 more miles on the log – super
great team and a great boat!

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