Rolling Swiss Ahoy, here we go

In contrast to the start of the 2013 season, the new 2014 season could start as planned – almost as planned …It quickly became clear that the yard could do all the work on the motor yacht of CCS in time for the launch date, there were no large jobs. The planning for the commissioning of the ship was done, the flights and hotel were booked, the transports with their colleagues from the other three CCS ships was coordinated  - and yet February became a little hectic
More and more it looked as though the first tours of the season, a boat handling tour and a team tour was short of crew. The two tours were merged and the season started for the CCS motor yacht a week later … Then there was a problem with the launching – no! The two Mobile Cranes in the picture were not there to launch our Rolling Swiss II … But were in Medemblik just for these few days to install a new railway bridge. The way to the
shipyard was blocked by this construction site. The work was planned for several days and for those who know about the reliability of schedules for these kinds of construction sites, knew this did no bode well! By our use of the shipyard “De Klerk Yacht Service” and the ongoing coordination regarding the progress of the new bridge, in the end, everything worked out – for all four CCS ships on site … The ships were ready on time, the trips could start!

I wish you all interesting and instructive trips in the 2014 season

- Enjoy your cruise on the “MY ROLLING SWISS II” – we look forward to your reports.



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