10.05. – 17.05.2014 Brighton – Portsmouth

Crew: Patricia, Severin, Wale, Thierry

Around the Isle of Wight

On Saturday morning, May 10, 2014, the crew meets up in a Brighton Hotel Seattle for breakfast. with skipper Christian, Patricia, Severin, whales and Thierry. Then we takeover Rolling Swiss II.

Unfortunately the weather is not playing along (Storm Warning) so we are stuck for the next three days in Brighton. On Saturday, the crew go on a big shopping trip to be equipped for the first day of the tour. Once the supplies are stowed we get a ship inspection with a safety briefing. It is noted here that the Hand log is missing. Christian will buy a new one on Monday. In the evening we eat on the Rolling Swiss II.

Sunday is still very windy so we, as already mentioned, don’t move the ship. Whales and Thierry take the train to London. Patricia and Severin take the bus into Brighton in the
afternoon to meet Christian for a very good Indian dinner.

Monday, and still too much wind for the proposed trip to Chichester. But since we are all quite anxious to head out, our skipper decides later that afternoon to head out into the bay of brighton on the first tide. Severin is behind the wheel and we cast off in what is  wind force 5 – 6 Outside in the bay, the waves are still pretty violently, so that the decision to head out the next morning seems much more sensible. Everyone has a go at the wheel
and once back in the port of Brighton, the first docking maneuvers are practiced. Unfortunately, more wind comes up and we return to the berth. Whales and Thierry plan the first stage. In the evening we enjoy a wonderful meal on board with a glass of wine from home.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 7:00 clock, Severin casts off and then there is a change every hour. We arrive as scheduled according to the tides in Chichester. Thierry maneuvered
the ship through the lock to our berth. Just as we want to leave the boat in the sunshine to register with the harbour master, once again the English weather gives us  a short, heavy rain shower makeing us wait. The well-maintained port facility offers us a fine meal and great showers. In the evening we decide to go to Chichester. Unfortunately, the bus runs only every hour, so that we need to take a 1 ½ hour walk to Chichester. Totaly starved, we are rewarded with a fantastic steak with beer and wine. We take a taxi back!

First, harbour maneuvers in Chichester marina are required, after all we are not just here forfun. At 12:00 clock we go out with the tide, this time Patricia is allowed to drive through the narrow gate. A very beautiful and varied trip around the Isle of Wight awaits us. Particularly exciting is the Needles, so it’s into Freshwater Bay for anchor maneuvers. Then, to sail around the needles into the Solent with the help of the flooding tide. In the sunset we arrive in Yarmouth.

This is a small idyllic place with some pubs. Today there is the Skipper classic (flambéed prawns with Bavette no. 13) for dinner.

At 11:00 clock we set off from Yarmouth and drive through a quiet Solent towards Beaulieu River. Here we drop anchor and have lunch. Then we do some “man overboard”
maneuvers across the Solent towards Cowes. We docked at the port of the “UKSA” where our skipper had spent some weeks during his training. After taking a stroll through Cowes, we take the “Water Taxi” to the Folly Inn. Christian invites us to a “Captains Dinner” where we, in addition to an excellent meal , were spoiled by a great band.

Unfortunately, today is already our last day on board and we need to drive the boat to Portsmouth. Here, we meet the man in charge of Rolling Swiss II, Marc Pingoud. Where we also meet the ships designers, and a hansom bunch, they are too. The weather is sunny and we clean Rolling Swiss II until she shines. Our last night we celebrate with a fine meal by Thierry.

Saturday morning  means getting up early, giving the boat inside a clean and then taking
leave of a wonderful week with a really great skipper and  crew. We will always keep this trip in our memory.


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