31.05. – 07.06.2014 Saint-Malo – Saint -Malo

Skippper: Rolf
Crew: Marlis, Barbara, Alexander, Sandro

Tides and Currents – The Channel Islands

Arrival Baden – Saint Malo

Zurich to Saint-Malo is not easy and takes approx 10 – 11 hours by car or by train. Part of the crew arrived on Friday by train from Baden via Basel / Paris to Saint Malo. As the train from Basel arrives at Paris-Gare de Lyon and the train to Saint Malo departs from Paris-Montparnasse, a transfer was necessary. For the transfer, the bus 91 is reliable and is recommended.
The rest of the crew has travelled the journey to Saint Malo by car. The whole crew
met as planned on Friday at 16.30 in Saint Malo.

31/05/2014 Saint Malo

As agreed, we took over Rolling Swiss II at 09.00 in the harbour (Port Sablons) of Saint Malo, from the previous crew. After the obligatory takeover formalities Rolling Swiss II was set up and prepared for the next day at sea. Stowing the spare screws, which had just been delivered directly from England, proved tedious work.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to planning and navigation, particularly the stage on
Sunday after St. Helier (Jersey). Despite the preparation and adequate equipment used the conditions such as high tides, strong currents, etc. it took a long time to complete.

01/06/2014 Saint Malo – Jersey

As planned, we were able to leave the port of Sablons at 11.00 and set a course for Jersey. The previous days proper preparation proved itself useful. We could moor up on a  pontoon outside St. Helier at 16:20 after a quiet 41 Nm ride.  During this journey we crossed the border and the time zone. We also practiced the MOB manoeuvres. At 20.30, we were then able to enter the harbour. Due to the late arrival on Sunday evening many
restaurants were closed. Thank you McDonalds ;)

06/02/2014 Jersey – Guernsey

At 10.45 we cast off. All crew members had been looking forward to the visit to Guernsey. Our skipper had previously told us a lot about the place and people, as he had lived and worked there for several months. So that we did not have to abide by the opening times of St. Peter Port, we decided to moor on to a pontoon. This gave us the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the dinghy.

03/06/2014 Guernsey – Jersey

For the return trip to Jersey, we decided that we would drive around the north of
the island. There were several obstacles in the northern and in the south eastern part of the island that needed to be watched out for. Accurate navigation work was required. With perfect weather and good support from the currents we were able to enjoy a beautiful drive along the northern coast of Jersey. At 20.00 we arrived in the same port we had been in two days earlier.

06/04/2014 Jersey

Since the weather outlook for the day was not so good, we decided to spend a day in
Jersey. We enjoyed a long walk around the city and around the castle. In the afternoon we visited the very picturesque Gorey by bus.

05/06/2014 Jersey – Granville

Navigating to Granville was relatively easy. After exiting the port we could head fairly
directly towards Granville, where we moored up at 14.30. So we had enough time to visit, the fortress and the old town, and prepare for the next day.

06/06/2014 Granville – Saint Malo

Today we went on the last trip and probably the most interesting of the whole week.
Initially, the course, with a few fixed points rather gave the impression of a crossing. After about half an hour the helmsman spotted a dolphin and about five minutes later everyone looked out and saw again and again, more and more dolphins appearing all around the boat. The excitement went up the more we found that a pod of up to eight dolphins was accompanying Rolling Swiss II. Although we drove at 8 knots there were, five of these elegant animals swimming just in front of the bow. From time to time one jumped out of the water to look at our boat from the side. We had the impression that the Dolphins played with us and Rolling Swiss II. After about 20 minutes of play they probably had
enough and dived suddenly. That was a very impressive experience, one that none of the crew had experienced.

We can all look back on a very interesting and also very instructive week. Although all crew members theoretically knew the area around Jersey and Guernsey, it was very impressive to experience the extremely high tides of up to 11 meters and the strong currents, and to get involved in the navigation work.

Thanks to the great cooperation from all cruise members, it was an impressive and
unforgettable week.


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