07.06. – 21.06.2014 Saint Malo – Brest

Skippper: Richard
Crew: Even with a small crew, the RSII is easy to master

The trip Saint Malo => Brest respectively. Brest => Brest was characterized by
several features. But first things first.

Actually two individual trip’s were planned, but due to the high flexibility of its crew, these two weeks were combined into a continuous 10-day cruise.

Thus the extended trip could be addressed as: Saint Malo => Granville => Jersey
St. Helier => Guernsey St. Peter Port => Paimpol => Perros-Guirec => Roscoff => L’Aber Wrac’h => Brest.

The crew was not only very flexible, also extraordinarily “concentrated”. There were only three of us, two sailors completing their training miles and the Skipper. Of course it also has its advantages; no one could complain they got too little practical experience as a helmsman or navigator. With such a small crew, all must lend a hand, always. And secondly, no one could complain a lack of space on the ship, everyone had his own cabin.

For a Brittany cruise we also had exceptionally good weather. It rained once shortly after the departure in Granville, but really short. Otherwise, we always had beautiful weather; the weather of our trip was characterized by a stationary high over Ireland.

In Brittany you always have to expect waves. But we could not really complain. Of course we had to fight with waves from time to time, but everything in moderation.

It was always windy, mostly in the afternoon to evening about force 3-5, sometimes more. The docking manoeuvres should be particularly well prepared, especially when you’re only three. The ship well “fendered”, choose a possible berth where the wind helps and carefully but courageously do the manoeuvre. And yes, it can happen that it does not work    immediately. Then do not lose patience and take another run up and try the manoeuvre again. In any case, we got our Lady into every port into a berth without scratches or other damage.

Brittany is a great area; the large tidal differences make the whole trip planning very exciting. In particular, the times when entering and leaving a port must be exactly calculated, but also at anchor off the coast if, for example, you are waiting for a port to open at a certain water level. The changes in the landscape due to the high tidal range is also very impressive and beautiful.

After 9 days at sea and a total of 292 miles we have achieved our first goal of the port of Brest. Here Emanuel left the ship, Robert and I had 3 days to explore the surrounding area. So the two of us did; Brest => Parthenay => Camaret sur ​​Mur => Brest. Harbour
manoeuvres with the wind are even more demanding with only two of us, but possible.

The trip was, due to special circumstances, very nice. And another feature of our trip,
was, we were able to celebrate the birthday of our Lady.

Robert Emanuel

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