12.07. – 19.07.2014 Lorient – Nantes

Skippper: Ernst und Jürg
Crew: Dora, Martin, Pierre-François

The Boaters paradise – waiting for better ) times?

Sad to watch: fishing, rowing boats and small sailing and motor yachts drying out in the mud – they all are waiting for better times.

Not so for Rolling Swiss II, her crew always makes sure there is sufficient water beneath the keel. At the same time the 5m tidal range in Brittany is a treat for navigation fans making planning accordingly interesting and challenging.

Switzerland rain, north-western France sun – Brittany according to statistics, in summer
has a large number of sun hours. In the centre of the high, Rolling Swiss II glides along the blue-green water with a clear view of the horizon all around. A fine band of clouds with moisture rises over the land, blending into the soft blue sky. Tiny white triangles hardly seem to move, not sailing weather, but perfect for powerboats.

All helmsmen are excited about the manoeuvring capabilities of having two engines.
Turning, reversing, rotating, docking … under expert guidance of Ernst the crew members (with varying experiences) practice all kinds of manoeuvres and explore the possibilities of Rolling Swiss II. Next, the ship has a generator, freezer, TV (to receive the World Cup!), Nespresso machine and enclosed showers for comfort and convenience.

Planning the day, alternated between CCS crew members. Flexibility regarding the choice
of the destination was needed due to the seasonal traffic density. In the ports of call there are three different scenarios: many guests berths in Port Blanc / Ile aux Moines in the Gulf of Morbihan and in Le Palais on Belle Isle, then all local sport boats in Port Haliguen, Trinité sur Mer, La Turballe, L`Herbaudière and in the city port of Lorient and finally no infrastructure for sports boats in the harbour of St. Nazaire, where the U-boat bunker still bears witness to the second world war and the German occupation. A Pilot on a rubber boat notices us and shows us to a berth and in this particular case helps us run a line ashore to the mooring ring, offering tendering services ,cash equal to the mooring fee (EUR 25-52). Which saves going to the capitainerie.

For the idle ones, time passes in a flash. The view of the endless mainland coasts
and numerous islands with abraded rock, secluded sandy beaches, green coniferous forest, interspersed with typical white single storey houses with fireplaces at both ends of the  ouse is entertainment enough. But also in the sea, there were many navigation marks and even a school of dolphins to watch.
And finally one could not miss out on the obligatory dip into the refreshing sea. There was an opportunity to take a lunch stop at anchor off the island Houëdic.

Our skipper had thought of everything in the preparation and implementation of the
tour. The preliminary meeting was held in a Zurich restaurant, where the motto
of the guild was read to the sailors: ” Auf Wellen und vor Anker treu”.

July 2014 Dora (Bericht), Martin und Jürg (Fotos)


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