26.07 – 09.08.2014 Nantes – Brest

Skippper: Marc und Isabelle
Crew: Christian und Morten

A dream comes true – and How!

I have long wanted to, at least once, cruise around Brittany – so many exciting
stories and impressive images of Club Members who have already experiencing
this area with the CCS-yachts. Brittany had become more and more of a dream
destination for me: Rolling Swiss II was going. … 2014 fitted in!

What was more, we were to do a two-week trip from Nantes to Brest, together with our
colleagues from the Christian Tiedt “BOATS Magazine” ( http://www.boote-magazin.de/ ) and Morten Strauch of “Morten Strauch photography” ( http://www.mortenstrauch.com/ ).  Also I was pleased Isabelle, the General Secretariat of the CCS, had decided to do a tour with Rolling Swiss II  - and as skipper II! Thank you Isabelle for your support! What more could I write about this trip?
Christian certainly helped with the two reports, one of which is due to be published in the first quarter of 2015 Boote, and which reflects our experiences in a typical lively and exciting write up. Along with stunning photos by Morten.

All the islands that we visited are certainly going to provide a focus point! The excellent weather (compared to last year in Norway – and compared to the Swiss summer) As you will see from Morten’s photos. Presumably dominated by picturesque lighthouses, historic submarine bunkers, rugged cliffs, sandy Caribbean beaches, playful dolphins, dried out ports, the hospitable reception by the Bretons, Celtic music, notorious “nooks”, idyllic rivers, tasty Moule-Frites and the ever-dominant tides … There were countless great

Thanks to Isabelle, Christian und Morten, it was a lot of fun! – Marc

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