13.–20.08.2011 Danish waters – some hard work of navigation

After a good instruction and handover by the old crew (many thanks to Rolf and Ueli), we departed from Copenhagen by rain. Each member of the new crew (Franz, Alexander, Edi and Patrik) made their first prudent manoeuvres with our beautiful Trader 42 motor yacht. Due to the rain we didn’t visit the old hamlet of Dragør this first evening.

The next day we made quiet a long trip of 57 miles along the coast of Falster, the shipping channel in the Faxe bight up to Stege, a port that is a little bit offside. The Faxe channel has several shallows marked with numerous cardinals. A good and slightly stressful
opportunity to repeat the meaning of these navigation marks.

From Stege to Femø (22sm) we had westerly winds (5-6 Bft) and nice waves. We couldn’t resist to drive full speed in this amazing conditions. Wow, the two engines of the boat sounded like turbines! In the little but nice port of Femø our Rolling Swiss II was the biggest boat. In consideration of this, we initialised the signal for the drawing down of the flags at sundown.

Again under best weather conditions we cruised from Femö via the really golden Guldborg Sund to Nykøbing (Falster). Nykøbing is mentioned in every tourist and naval guide as place you must visit. Honestly, this town and the Italian restaurant with Turkish cooks we visited didn’t persuade us.

After a long waiting for the opening of he King Arthur bridge early in the morning we passed the southern part of the Guldborg Sund: many buoys, often a very narrow shipping channel and quiet strong tidal currents. The helmsman and navigator in duty had to work fully concentrated. After passing Gedser we began with the passage of the Baltic Sea. Our target, an anchorage berth near Barhöft (isle of Rügen) we reached after several hours of a quiet cruising (sunshine, no wind and no waves) followed by a powerful thunderstorm. The highlights of the evening were another good meal cooked by the Alex and Edi, the sundown, some beers after a short tour in the dinghy and billions of midges.

On Thursday we first headed to Barnhöft port to bunker water and to buy beer. On both we were really very short. 600 litres of water through a thin hose, that takes 45 minutes respectively the first four of the new bought beers. We continued our cruise along the isle of Hiddensee to the nice town Ralswiek. There in the evening we enjoyed an open-air performance of the “Störtebeker Festspiele”. A lot of action, an obscure story, but good entertainment.

Already our last cruising day had arrived. We navigated through the shipping channels up to Stralsund. At more than one place, these channels are very near to the next shallow.

Crew and Skipper of Cruise 08/2011/33

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