Meeting our Sister Ship!

We started our cruise in Teddington near the British capital. We set off towards London, aiming for Chatham. Our plans were guided by the tides…. as we needed low water to get under certain bridges and high water for a weir. The river journey was very picturesque and it was a marvelous autumn morning… so we didn’t mind the extra miles to get to London!

After admiring London Bridge, Westminster and Big Ben from the river’s view we crossed the Greenwich Zero Meridian at 10:26 a.m. and later on the impressive Thames Barrier. Since the weather forecast announced 7ft of wind and over 2m waves we decided to stay for a day in Ramsgate. Than we sailed via Dover to Eastbourne…

We were quite astonished to hear that the harbour master at Eastbourne already knew our yacht and the name of the skipper. Credit is certainly due to networking harbor masters, EDP and data protection(!)

Cruising near Seven Sisters there were some rough, choppy seas…. but that was no problem for “Rolling Swiss”!

Near Brighton we were excited to meet one of our sister ships- one of the CCS sailing boats: “Smiling Swiss”!

The Cruising Club of Switzerland has family all over Europe!

Rolf Höchli, CCS, September 2010


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