Mythos Solent!

During our week on the Trader 42 “Rolling Swiss II”, the Solent waters were very active and variable… we had strong winds, fog, rain sun and storms! We also faced the challenges of various tides and currents, low water, water ways… as well speed ferries to navigate around!

This were ideal circumstances for practising helming with the radar, supported by AIS in the open sea, and for getting more familiar with tide calculation and weather forecasting. We practised and trained a lot, learnt very much and gained more and more confidence.

“Rolling Swiss II” showed her best side and responded well to all our maneuvres- although there are some limits in strong wind!  She doesn’t like those conditions too much, and becomes a little stubborn as many other yachts do!

We spent a fascinating and instructive week cruising on the fantastic Trader in various sea conditions!

Rebekka Baur, CCS, October 2010

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