Cruises in 2011 – To the Baltic sea into the Limfjord in Denmark and the Island of Ruegen

The very first cruise in 2011 MY Rolling Swiss II was already in January 2011 from her winter lay in Southampton to London  – she sailed not in the water, but on the lorry: Cleaned and refurbished she did very well on representing Trader’s 42 Signature model at London Boat show during 10 days.

In the rainy morning of Wednesday, 30 March 2011 Hanspeter, the Captain of the CCS Motor Yachting Section and me arrived at Southampton. After some last checks, Rolling Swiss II was launched in the afternoon at Universal Marina in the River Hamble. The main works during the winter have already been finished. But some little work has still to be done until Saturday morning, when the first cruise of the season 2011 will be starting.

MY Rolling Swiss II will be challenged within the next 28 weeks in 2011: Non Stop from each Saturday to Saturday our Trader 42 will sail from the English Solent to Brittany, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg into the Baltic sea, by passing Kiel Canal. She will carry CCS Crews to Denmark into the famous Limfjord and after some cruises in the Kattegat, Rolling Swiss II will call at Copenhagen on her way to the German island of Ruegen.

In autumn MY Rolling Swiss will take her way to her winter lay in Medemblik at the Jisselmer. At the end of the season 2011 there will be some special cruises with themes as maneuvering and radar training in Holland.

Well, and mid of October 2011 I will lift her out of the water again, after she has sailed for about 800 hours and maybe up to 5000 nautical miles.

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Marc Pingoud
CCS Yacht Manager Rolling Swiss II

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