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Well, this was a rather special cruise for MY ROLLING SWISS II and for me as her skipper…
The main goal on this cruise from 05.-09. april 2011 in the Solent was to train two experienced sailing skippers on a motor yacht, so that they are able to drive and manoeuvre a motor vessel with twin engines – a common CCS task actually.

But during this cruise we were accompanied by an editor of the well known German magazine “BOOTE” and a photographer. They recorded our cruise and the way CCS does training on motor yachts in order to write an article for the magazine. Well, I will not go into details about this cruise and only point out one highlight – May you will read the full story about this cruise in the September edition of the BOOTE magazine which will be out in a couple of months.

Just the highlight of this cruise should be mentioned here: MY ROLLING SWISS II got the chance to act as a winching platform for training by helicopter 104 of the Solent Coastguard. We had to sail with a speed of about 18 knots direction to the Needles – with a helicopter some meters above us, a medical and a stretcher at the winch – and an awful noise around us…!

Video-RSII as winching platform (mp4 – 22MB)

Video – RSII as winching platform (Quicktime – 18MB)

This was an unforgettable experience for the whole crew. CCS will use the lessons learned for further instruction for CCS skippers and for teaching students. Magazine BOOTE will publish a story about this training in the august edition.

Thanks to my Crew, who had to work hard during this days, to my German colleagues – we are looking forward reading “our” story – and of course to Solent Coast Guard and the crew of helicopter 104.

Marc Pingoud, Skipper CCS Cruise 08-2011-14B

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