CCS-Skipper Training 2011: Experience on the Solent

In one sentence: A skipper training on ROLLING SWISS II is not only perfect for motor yacht skipper candidates but as well for the “real” sailors as well! While many challenges you would have on a sailing yacht remains very similar, there will be an experience of some new dimensions on MY RS II.  … and with a skipper with the enormous experience of Christoph,  a lot of progress is guaranteed – and it’s fun! So our cruise became a combination of nautical challenges with the experiencing of the beauty of the Solent!

Challenges and fun – not less than with a sailing yacht!
Navigating at night?  On a motor yacht with more HP than on a sailing yacht, lights move more quickly, what even makes it more interesting. Maneuvering? – Sure, it’s easier with twin engines than only with a single one. But when wind is blowing into a narrow section of shallow water, even the two engines and the rudder must be coordinated very well!
Interested in anchoring ?  I would recommend the beauty of the Beaulieu River or maybe Newton River.
A dinghy tour in tidal waters – Lymington area might be your choice. Or interested in a tricky entrance with narrow channel and a sill, just heading  to Lengston, Sparks Harbour.
Having more of lazy time on a motor yacht than on a sailing yacht might be a myth. Even being out of a port in deep water, instead of having for hours the same bearing with a few knots, the motor yacht will accelerate a bit, so next challenge and beauties move ahead much quicker. And for cruise preparation (for skipper training) was the same: Every day three harbors and some anchorage in the tidal waters of the Solent in April 11 have to be planned a bit.
Trader 42 – ROLLING SWISS II – A beautiful motor yacht!
It is not only the challenges of a Skipper Training, which makes a cruise on ROLLING SWISS II a great experience. ROLLING SWISS II is a perfect equipped and beautiful yacht with great comfort,  a lot of space, an impressive maneuverability.

The Solent: A great area for yachting with many impressive places!
What about a quick Lunch in Bembridge – a very nice tidal port? – But be aware, don’t stay too long: Water level only allows for a few hours to pass the serpentines of the entry channel safely. When navigating in the Solent you shouldn’t miss Cowes.  Much has been written about this Mecca of British yachting, full of history, it’s just a place one has to have been.  And if you’re there, head to the famous needles! A bit of luck with the weather – as we had – and the Solent is probably one of the greatest yachting areas you can imagine.

Interested to see some of the largest cruising ships of the world? – Be impressed during a harbor tour in Southamton.  See thousands of yachts close to each other? – Head to Humble River!

English Food or cuisine à la Suisse
But don’t forget the culinary highlights! I am looking forward Jean-Daniel and Jacques (two of our crew members) offering culinary cruises. What great diners! So aperitif in the sunset (e.g. at Chichester as recommendation) and dinner on board is just perfect. The alternative may be to try out mussels „à la marinière”, British style with cheese, as ordered in a historic pub in Yarmouth.

A great experience
Our cruise took us to all the mentioned places and to some others more, so much more could be added in this blog. But still, the best is you book a cruise on MY ROLLING SWISS II and take the experience  yourself! And again, if you are a “real” sailor: The new CCS motor yacht will add some experiences, which you would never make on a Sailing Yacht – promised!

By Philippe Moser, CCS Cruise 08-2011-15

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