France-Begium-Netherlands: In 10 days from Le Havre to the Ijsselmeer

A remark from the the administrator: The skippers of CCS are free in selecting their story for this blog. It seems, that getting experience with ROLLING SWISS II during some stormy and wavy days in the Channel is rather popular…

Tuesday 24.05.2011 Heavy Sea in the English

We left Dieppe under WSW 5 and waves of 1.5m hight. Then reaching the hight of
« Baie de la Somme a special wether forecast (BMS) announced on channel
79, 8-9 bft. Considering that my three crew members became already sea sick and
and sent their meals back to sea, I took the decision to head for Boulogne
sur mer since, due to low tide we couldn’t reach Baie de Somme, setting the engines
at 2500 rpm and adapting the flaps. I was really astonished and amazed
about the behavior of our Trader 42 “ROLLING SWISS II” in such heavy sea with waves of 3-3.5 (occ. 4m) height. Running at a speed of about 14 nods, navigation became
quite comfortable and as it would be impossible at hull speed. I spent around 2.5
hours lonely on the rudder under these conditions, however always with an
impression of safety. ROLLING SWISS II is not just I very nice boat, she really likes the

Urs, Skipper of cruise 08-2011-21

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