02.-16.07.2011, Kiel – Aalborg: A cruise with some “Tradition and Nostalgia”

Already our crew meeting in Mai 2011 takes place at a very time-honoured location: Peter J, honorary member of CCS Motorboat welcomes us on the castle of Altenklingen in Switzerland. After discussing our cruise we are guided through the 1000 years of history of the castle –very informative and impressive!

The next traditional location we meet at the begin of our cruise in Kiel: Not 1000 years but only 5 years ago, at the 7 april 2006, the first Motoryacht “ROLLING SWISS (I)” of CCS (a De Vries Lentsch) had her baptism in the harbour of Düsternbrook in Kiel just in front of the harbour masters office – and today our new MY ROLLING SWISS II is berthed exactly at the same place, what a feeling! Already tradition or still nostalgia?

Another milestone we passed in the Limfjord: The first 1000hrs of operation on the clock of our engines! – To be continued…

I would like to present you the report of our cruise from Kiel to Aalborg with an
enhanced picture gallery including as well some further traditional aspects like the famous Danish Vinerbrød (in every harbour came up a competition, who would get the Vinerbrød today…) or our visit in Randers, where Peter W was often on holidays during his childhood (…and we welcomed his 90 year old aunt Ebba on ROLLING SWISS II for a drink).

1000 Thanks to Erika and both Peters for a great and relaxing holiday cruise – I know now, that Kiel-Aalborg within 14 days is too short, we may could spend a month or
more in this great area!

Marc Pingoud, Skipper 08-2011-27

Move Cursor over picture to see description - Pictures by Peter W and Marc Pingoud

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