16.–23.07.2011 Exploring the Limfjord

On July 16th, a sunny day, our crew of 5 – lead by Urs the experienced skipper, Marc-André
acting as second, and assisted by Gerhard, Edina and Mario – set out from Aalborg to sail the Limfjord.

But soon the weather changed, so that the seaworthiness and the comfort of “our” ROLLING SWISS II was greatly appreciated.

It was meant to be vacation cruise, so we went only for short hops , generally not
exceeding 3 hours of navigation, and we had time enough to explore some of the
small towns, villages or islands of the Limfjord.

One of these tourist highlights was the nature-preserved island of Livo – which we reached by ferry from Röndbjerg, the small harbour of Livo being crammed full. And then there was the Limfjord museum at Lögstör – and quite some local pubs to discover for Mario.

It was an easy navigation, mostly on sight, but it took us quite a while to adapt and to
identify what looked more like old broomsticks instead of the “real” lateral and cardinal beacons we expected to find.

And then we experienced the small Limfjord harbours with their pile moorings, not exactly
tailored to fit a yacht of the size of our Trader 42 “ROLLING SWISS”: once or twice we tried to squeeze her in between the poles, but fortunately did not insist too much – and settled for a safe and easier mooring alongside a pier, be it under the derrick or next to a smelly fishing boat.

Once, near Agerö island, we set anchor for lunch, just in time before a heavy rain shower rocked the boat.

The only breakdown we experienced was the horn: instead of the usual triumphant hooting, only a faint, croaky noise emerged. But all it needed to recover its voice was some gentle wake-up tapping with a wooden cooking spoon.

Despite a cool and rainy weather with quite some wind, these few days passed only too
fast and already we were heading back to Aalborg.

Rain pouring down on our final approach – and the bow-thruster suddenly obstructed
with some debris or a pack of sea-weed, made us choose an easy-access mooring, albeit without supply of water or electricity.

So the final wash-down of the boat was gladly left to the pouring rain.

In summary, a memorable, easy break, a cheersome crew, plentiful of good food , and a great boat – an exercise to repeat.

Gerhard, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/29

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