30.7–06.08.2011 Heading for the next capital

Picture 1: South Kattegat, heading to for the Great Belt.

Picture 2: The generator group kept the crew busy – The replaced impeller

Picture 3: Passing the Smålands strait, numerous shallows requested high concentration of the navigator.

Picture 4: Jürg, sitting starboard in front, achieved during this cruise his 500th
nm – congratulation.

Picture 5: Evening ambience on the island Ven, Sweden.

Picture 6: Overcrowded Christianshaven, Copenhagen

During our last day on sea, spoiled by the past sunny days, we had to bear
the reverse side of weather. Cruising through the Sund, heading for Copenhagen we
had good sight and a confident forecast. However arising fog degraded the
visibility down to less than 50 m. Keeping sharp look-out and listening, giving acoustic
signals, intensive use of radar, MARPA and AIS functions lead us through the
busy inlet to the port. With two hours delay, but enriched on experience and
happy to arrive we finally moored in Christianshaven.

Rolf, Skipper of Cruise 08/2011/31

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