20.-27.08.2011 Holidays around the island “Rügen”

20.08.2011 Stralsund – Barhöft
We take over the MY ROLLING SWISS II at Stralsund. Once shopping and storing of food and beverages is done as usual we leave in direction Barhöff. During this short leg we become more familiar with our Trader 42. Doing some exercises (Tellerwende, keep position against wind) even the coast guard offered their assistance (you never know what Swiss people are preparing).
21.08.2011 Barhöft – Neuendorf (Hiddensee)
From Barhöft we head to Neuendorf on Hiddensee Island. The 12 miles trip leads mainly through narrow waterways. The island of Hiddensee is nature protection area, no cars but plenty of biting midges. On bicycles we cross the island through moorland, bird sanctuaries and romantic looking villages; however we can’t escape the midges. After a tasty dinner we refresh ourselves with a vespertine skinny-dip (is this conform to CCS rules?) in the sea.
22.08.2011 Neuendorf – Ralswiek
Again we follow plenty of sticks to reach our destination (19 nm). Once more the speed is limited to max. eight nods only. At Ralswiek we attend the open air spectacle “Störtebeker” on a natural stage with impressive scenery.
23.08.2011 Ralswiek – Lohme
From Ralswiek to Lohme (38 sm) after one hour of “buoys counting” we reach the open sea. Finally our Trader 42 flexes its muscles. After driving two hours full speed, passing near the famous chalk cliffs we already arrive at our destination.
24.08.2011 Lohme – Baabe
The trip to Baabe (39 nm) leads us again to the open sea. Today there are waves of about 0.5 m. But still ROLLING SWISS II, unperturbed “rolls” with 20 kn over the waves. The engines a little sweating (some water with antifreeze and a little fuel in the bilge) are mastering their job very well. Visiting the wellness hotel Solthus at Baabe, the crew enjoyed a well merited recovering with sauna and massage.
25.08.2011 Baabe – Peenemünde – Museumshafen Greifswald
Very well recovered we start in direction of Peenemünde. After 18 miles of “funny stick searching” and full speed driving we reach Peenemünde. There we visit the “Historisch–Technisches Museum” at the “Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemünde”. From here the  worldwide, first launch of a rocket to the space took place.  Needless to say, after that we had a short crawl through the submarine. After short refreshment we continue in direction of Greifswald (19 nm). Passing the drawbridge, Wieck we berth straight at the “Museumshafen” between old gaff schooners, fishing cutters and classic yachts. Now, last, but not least ladies are free for shopping.
26.08.2011 Greifswald – Stralsund
The final leg back to Stralsund takes about 24 nm. Full speed for the last time and we arrive at Stralsund. Here we fill up fuel. Although we went full speed whenever possible our consumption added up to 37.5 liters per hour only. Now then, make clear ship and our holidays on ROLLING SWISS II are over.
Natalie, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/34
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