03.-10.09.2011 – From Kiel to Emden with „Dieter“ and „Erich“

I arrived on that wonderful Saturday morning for my first motorboat trip at the harbour of Kiel, where Peter, our skipper, Lothar, his vice skipper, Georg and Stephan were already expecting me. After practicing in the harbour, we were driving to Laboe, where Andreas joined our crew. There, we emptied the local Supermarket and went to swim in the Laboe Ostseebad.

Early Sunday morning, we headed towards the Nordsee-Ostsee-Kanal, which we entered while the sun was rising. After a few hours, we turned in to the Eider River and reached Nordfeld, a little nest in the middle of North Frisia. There, a 71-year-old man named Roman helped us land giving instructions in proper Swiss German!

„I can’t see you, but I can hear you“, shouted the gate keeper at us through the fog on Monday morning. Slowly, we were boating towards the Eidersperrwerk, which we passed before lunchtime. The weather rapidly turned worse; cyclones “Dieter“ and “Erich“ had arrived; however, thanks to perfect preparation and navigation, we arrived savely in the Harbour of Cuxhaven.

Thomas, the harbourmaster, kindly advised us in East Frisian not to depart the next day, saying, “If you’re going to leave my harbour, I’m going to shoot you!“. We followed his advice and went by train to Bremerhaven on Tuesday and to Hamburg on Wednesday instead.

On Thursday afternoon, we left Cuxhaven and headed towards Emden. The weather was still rough with six beauforts and up to four meter high waves. Every two hours, we swapped shifts. Thanks to very strong antiemetics, I was no longer feeling sea sick and could even enjoy the ride. However, everybody seemed quite happy to reach Emden harbour after 120 nautic miles and 16 hours at sea on Friday morning. Well done Skippers, Crew and Rolling Swiss II.

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Damian, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/36

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