Meeting our Sister Ship!

We started our cruise in Teddington near the British capital. We set off towards London, aiming for Chatham. Our plans were guided by the tides…. as we needed low water to get under certain bridges and high water for a weir. The river journey was very picturesque and it was a marvelous autumn morning… so we didn’t mind the extra miles to get to London!

After admiring London Bridge, Westminster and Big Ben from the river’s view we crossed the Greenwich Zero Meridian at 10:26 a.m. and later on the impressive Thames Barrier. Since the weather forecast announced 7ft of wind and over 2m waves we decided to stay for a day in Ramsgate. Than we sailed via Dover to Eastbourne…

We were quite astonished to hear that the harbour master at Eastbourne already knew our yacht and the name of the skipper. Credit is certainly due to networking harbor masters, EDP and data protection(!)

Cruising near Seven Sisters there were some rough, choppy seas…. but that was no problem for “Rolling Swiss”!

Near Brighton we were excited to meet one of our sister ships- one of the CCS sailing boats: “Smiling Swiss”!

The Cruising Club of Switzerland has family all over Europe!

Rolf Höchli, CCS, September 2010


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English Riviera!

Saturday, 04-09-2010:-
Early morning we boarded “Rolling Swiss”, lying in the marvelous St.Katherine’s Dock in central London, by magnificent Tower Bridge. Very soon we left the marina, passing the lock, reaching the Thames and turning starboard we had the imposing Tower Bridge in front of us. The cruise through London, passing all the famous places, was very exciting. We passed under 20 bridges! Mooring at Chiswick, we practiced opening the spray hood and tilting the instrument antennae, which went well.

Sunday, 05.09.2010:-
As the bridges on our route got lower and lower we had to tilt the antennae down to pass sometimes. We passed the locks at Richmond and Teddington and had to pay a fee of £183 allowing us to cruise during 15 days in the “Non Tidal Thames” (6 days, interestingly, costs more: £198!) After Teddington Lock, the tides reduce and the views become greener and greener. Near Kingston close to a small island we stopped to have lunch. Then, after two more locks, near Shepperton we moored on a public pier….free of charge!

Monday, 06.09.2010:-
Further up the picturesque river Thames, we passed several locks and passed another night on a public pier.
Tuesday, 07.09.2010:-
Today we had to bring down spray hood and instrument beam (taking about 15 min) because near Windsor there are two bridges with only 4 m clearance! When arriving at Windsor it began to rain heavily, unfortunately. But we went out to visit Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s weekend residences!

Wednesday, 08.09.2010:-
On the way back to London, once more we had to bring down the equipment beam, this time it took us only 7 minutes! Just before the Old Windsor Lock we brought everything back into the original position (7 min only again!). For the night we found another public pier near Shepperton, a very nice place to stop…

Thursday, 09.09.2010:-
After some manoeuvre training, we moored at the public pier of the island where we stopped some days before for lunch. Using the “Rolling Swiss” dinghy, we crossed the river to visit Kingston, a lovely London borough.

Friday, 10.09.2010:-
In the morning we passed Teddington Lock and moored at the Boat Shop Marina. We had cleverly booked this boat in advance, because -due to the Thames Festival- we couldn’t reserve a mooring in London. Handing over the boat in Teddington, however, gave the following crew the pleasure of cruising through London, as we did!

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City Trader!

We collected “Rolling Swiss II” on the Markermeer, near Amsterdam. Initially, it had been planned that we would meet the boat at Sixhaven in the heart of Amsterdam- but (unforunately for us!) there was a big SAIL 2010 event in the city that weekend and all the berths were occupied.

After crossing the Markermeer we entered through a lock into the small river of Vecht.  It wasn’t long before we passed under our first very low bridge. We detached the SSB-Antenna and hinged down the VHF antennas and made it under the bridge by a centimetre! We were very happy not to have to fold down the whole mast!

We enjoyed the picturesque river with all its nice houses along the banks.

Our cruise brought us through the Dutch canals to Rotterdam, where we had to have our first oil change of motors and gears.

It’s crazy how fast “Rolling Swiss II” has clocked up her first 320 hours of operation!  In just a few months, she has done 320 hours and covered hundreds of miles!!

While the weather was rainy and windy, we spent several days on the canals in the Netherlandic Rheindelta before cruising up the river Schelde to Antwerp.

After spending a night near Gent in Belgium we docked early enough in Brugge to spend the evening visting this famous and charming town. Even as Swiss people, we enjoyed the Belgian chocolate!

The next day we sailed on the canals to Oostende. With perfect timing for us, the weather improved and the winds were calming down . . . so we were able to cross the Channel next day with beautiful sunshine, slow winds, wonderful sights and only about 1 to 1.5m high waves. It was a great trip!

The heavy traffic in the Channel is really something! From time to time we ran “Rolling Swiss II” at higher speeds to move out of the the way of cargo ships in good time.  Our first stop in the UK was Ramsgate, where we wound our watches back on hour and used the extra time to a good drink to celebrate our arrival!

Over the next few days, we cruised up the river Thames, passed the Thames barrier and refueled our tanks near the London landmark: Tower Bridge.

We also passed by the Tower of London, the City and the Houses of Parliament as “Rolling Swiss II” became a City Trader for the day!

Marc Pingoud, CCS, September 2010


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Some Heavy Weather!

Our CCC cruise on “Rolling Swiss II” took place 14th-21st August,  during which time we sailed from Emden in Germany to Amsterdam . . . and had quite an adventure on the way!

We took over the Trader 42 “Rolling Swiss II” from the previous crew on Saturday, and headed towards Greetsiel. On Monday, we made our way round Schiermonnikoog en route to the Dutch haven of Lauwersoog.

On leaving Lauwersoog, different stations were offering various weather forecasts so we were unsure what to expect. . . !

As we set off, the weather was quite sunny and waves pretty calm. . . but that changed suddenly around noon when sailing near Terschelling! The wind increased to 6 Bft, the sky became more and more cloudy and the waves grew in one hour to 4.5 metres!

For some of our crew, this was their first experience with big waves on the open sea- and there was some seasickness! But we were all convinced that the Trader 42 is built to overcome with the bad weather conditions.  Under the competent guidance of the skipper and the steersman, our boat was always under control. Most of the time the autopilot kept the course without any problem . . .  just once, the skipper took over to steer by hand to find a smoother course.

As the weather finally eased, we arrived at the comfortable town port of Harling. We were pretty exhausted by happy in the knowledge that with “Rolling Swiss ” we own a boat that is always controllable and safe even in difficult weather conditions, as she is a Category A ocean-going yacht (one of the smallest motoryachts in Europe to be in this category!)

We ended this very exciting and eventful day with a short sightseeing tour, a good meal and toasted ourselves with a nice bottle of wine . . . we don’t remember exactly, one or several!

Hanspeter Rosenberg, CCS, August 2010


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At Home on the Canals!

There were seven of us aboard the Trader 42 “Rolling Swiss” for this cruise from Bremerhaven to Emden.  Near the start, we passed the lovely old the old lighthouses “Alter Weser” and “Roter Sand” on the way to Helgoland.

An excellent surprise in Helgoland: as it is a duty-free island we bought beef filet for just 19 Euro per kilo! Brilliant!

Due to a warning message from the ship’s electronics, we turmed back to Cuxhaven to sort out the repair, and everything was resolved there quickly and successfully…. so we were on our way to Ludwigshaven.

It was very exciting entering into the old navy port of Wilhelmshaven, a special permission was needed to passé through. After the sea lock, we reached the picturesque Ems-Jade channel.

It was the most fantastic experience: the friendly lock and bridge guardians led us in timely manner from one lock to another…sometimes they accompanied us on bicycle and  everything was for free!

We stayed a night in the picturesque village of Hooksiel, for free again!

At the lock, we had the opportunity to use one of the Trader 42′s most excellent features: the adjustable radar arch! It is a great feature of the boat, that we can lower the mast and bring the air draft down to just 3.5 metres!

Some of our crew members needed to gain some more miles to attain their cruising sea licences and prove their experience at sea…. So, we decided to “race” to Borkum in one go – which we achieved! The next day, we headed to our final destination-Emden- to hand over to the next crew…

CCS Crew, August 2010


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Back for More!

I had the privilege, this week, to skipper “Rolling Swiss II” for the second time! I feel very honoured, because there are very few cruising clubs in the world that own such a beautiful yacht!

On this week’s cruise, we went from Bremerhaven to Helgoland and spent quite a while on the famous “Wattenmeer”.  We all had a magnificent time, and the Trader 42 aroused interest from admirers wherever we went. Interestingly, we met quite a few Swiss people on our travels, and they all wanted to know about the CCS and the Trader 42.

Urs Zäch, CCS Crew, August 2010


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Nature Cruise!

You may imagine that shopping in Amsterdam is a big hassle- but not so! We steered “Rolling Swiss II” into a convenient berth near a shopping mall, and purchased all the items we needed. . .

. . . including some delicious Kiipling from a local fishmonger!  A great meal all together was an excellent start to our time on “Rolling Swiss II”.

Then, it was time for our most crucial shopping task- collecting the replacement anchor.

We changed our planned itinerary to accommodate this, and went to Enkhuisen, then Medenblick (where we fitted our new anchor), and onto Harlinge.

From Harlinge, we headed to West-Terscheliing. Not far from Terschelling, we had our first glimpse of a seal!

Terschelling harbor was very crowded, and we needed expert maneuvering skills to get into our berth. Once in, we enjoyed the magnificent sun-bathing weather. Onto Borkum… then to Nordeny. There, we enjoyed fantastic beaches, spectacular weather and excellent food.

Then the weather changed!! But the strong winds and waves helped us on our journey, and we made it to Helgoland in just five hours.

Once the weather cleared, we spent two wonderful days enjoying the island and admiring the magnificent sea life, including seals and birds.

After filling up the tanks with duty-free fuel (good value!) we left the fascinating sea island sailing back to civilization… towards Bremerhaven, our final stop. Our conclusion after the cruise: our whole crew is fascinated by our adverntures on the Trader 42, and the good “Rolling Swiss II” can be depended on to drive smoothly in all situations!

CCS Crew, August 2010


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Family Time!

On this cruise, “Rolling Swiss II” welcomed her youngest crew members yet- our crew was two married couples and two children, the youngest just 2 and a half years old!

We have always felt that the CCS is a big family, and this experience on the Trader 42 really proved it!

We had a wonderful relaxing week as we crossed the Dutch Friesland . .

. . . We visited Lelystad and its new Marina Batavia; Kalenberg, a typical Flevolandl village; and lovely Sneek, a picturesque town with small channels.

Crossing the Ijsselmeer was pretty exciting . . .  with big 1.5 – 2 m waves! This gave us the chance to test whether the Trader kept  her promises on seaworthiness and resilience- which she certainly did!

The 42 is a real pleasure to in  all cruising conditions- even in difficult weather and choppy seas!

We- the first families to crew “Rolling Swiss II”- can’t wait for more holidays on the boat!

CCS Crew, August 2010


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Coastlines & Inland Waterways!

We, the crew of  “Rolling Swiss II” on her second cruise, took the Trader 42 all the way from Portsmouth to Amsterdam.  It was a record-breaking cruise for the motoryacht department of our club (CCS- Cruising Club of Switzerland), as we covered nearly 450 miles in one week!

We certainly didn’t take the most direct route….taking in some fantastic cruising spots on the way.  First, we crossed the channel to France, reaching the holiday town of Honfleur near Le Havre. Then we cruised up to Rotterdam, following the coastlines of France, Belgium and Holland taking in all the sights and along the way…

Then from Rotterdam up to Amsterdam, we traveled along the inland waterways. This is so different from ocean cruising! Although the Trader 42 is a Category A ocean-going vessel, her unique folding mast design means she is just as at home on Europe’s canals, as she is out on the open seas.

There were so many lovely, inviting places along the way that we would like to have stopped at, but our time was drawing to a close and soon it would be the next crew’s turn. Now, we must get on with booking in for our 2011 cruise on “Rolling Swiss II”!

CCS Crew, July 2010


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First Cruise!

We were delighted to skipper the magnificent new motoryacht “Rolling Swiss II” for her first cruise as part of the Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS) – taking the keys over from our CCS colleague, Marc Pingoud.

Marc was one of the CCS members most responsible for choosing the Trader 42 Signature as our flagship motoryacht- he and the team did a lot of research and made a great choice!

This first cruise was around the South coast of England- through historic, picturesque Chichester on to the beautiful waters around the Isle of Wight.

We needed to make a few final adjustments to our technical kit (no surpise, as the boat is brand new!) -  but we have been absolutely delighted with the Trader 42 Signature as she offers all the best in comfort, sea-worthiness and cutting-edge equipment.

Now we must say goodbye to “Rolling Swiss” as the new crew is taking over – to take our new cruiser on to Rotterdam and beyond…!

CCS Crew, July 2010.


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