13-04-13 to 20-04-13 Enkhuizen to Emden

Skipper: Ulrich, Andreas

Crew Jurg, Bernhard, Oliver, Urs

It’s always a nervous moment when a new crew meets for the first time
when they will be spendignt he whole week in such close proximity, and we met
in Enkhuizen, before joing the boat in the shipyard in Medemblik the following day.

Once out on the Ijsselmeer, the weather picks up and the water is
choppy until we reach the shelter of Kornwerderzand. Then it’s into the Wadden
Sea and on to Oudeschild.  The forecast 20 degree heat must have been somewhere else, although we did feel a few rays of sunshine when we anchored.

Our voyage the next day to the island port of Vlieland is exciting
because we must use the tide to cross an isthmus which dries, and has only
enough water over it for us an hour after high water.  The idea of being stranded high and dry leaves us cold.

Up at 5am and with dawn at 6am – is the skipper being malicious? We
want to make a voyage of some 70 miles, and don’t want to burn too much fuel,
hence the early start.  We pass the famous lighthouse on the island of Terschelling and Lauwersoog and Ameland.  We have timed the tide well and can enter the Lauwersmeer

and travel the eight miles to Zoutkamp before tying up in the pretty old harbour, once on the seaside before the building of a dam reclaimed the land here.

We go on to Groningen and find the river traffic very quiet and the old
town a charming place to walk and enjoy a delicious dinner.

We go on the Delfzil and again the traffic is light.  It’s windy.
We refuel and stay there overnight.

We opt for another dawn start because of strong winds being forecast,
and get through the sea lock at Emden as soon as it opens and are at the
railway bridge at Emden at its first opening of the morning and are in the
inner harbour and comfortably tied up before lunch.

Another unforgettable week on Rolling Swiss II!  Thank you.


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30-03-13 to 06-04-13 Basel to Medmblik

Homesick for salt water

Skipper: Marc and Urs

Crew: Lilo, Christoph, Guido, Ludwig

From the logbook:  Easter Monday,
1st April 2013, 0910, entering the Bingener Lock.

For the first time in the CCS’s 60 year history. One of the club’s
boats has visited its home port of Basel.

Now it’s time to put the mountains behind us and head for Holland and
the sea and to start of program of cruises for the year.

Once we have travelled almost 900km along the Rhine, this boat will be
on her way to join the majestic cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord in Norway.

We  encounter all manner of weather including snow and ice on the deck, and a positively Alpine sunrise on 1st April, cloudless and with the sun behind us…there was even some
Swiss yodelling on board!

Thanks to my whole crew for their dedication on this trip.


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Season 2013…here we go again, hurrah!

After the winter maintenance work, our Rolling Swiss II is
afloat again after coming from the shipyard in Pratteln on a low loader with
police escort having been stripped down to her lowest possible road
height.  Launched into the Rhine at 10 am, it was freezing as the boat was carefully reassembled – work to do in

Excitingly, she started right away, and we made our way
through Basel and on towards the German border where the boat was bunkered, and
ready to go!

Thanks to Marc for his tireless commitment and devotion, to
Pavel for his help, and claude for his valuable services.

Peter M Walker

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03.11. – 10.11.2012 Karslruhe – Basel, Rolling Home to Basel ii

Skipper: Werner and René
Crew: Beni, René, Hermann and Rolf

We were ecstatic that we managed to snag the last leg of the Rolling Swiss II tour from
Karlsruhe to Basel. Coming Home! We imaged that the trip would be fantastic,
but, how often in life does one get something other than what one expects. As
it was for mercenaries, coming home was always more difficult than the draw of
the unknown.

Restlessly! On Friday 2nd. November 2012 we drove from Zürich to Karlsruhe, where we had a booked room waiting. We had already seen on “Yellowbrick” that Rolling Swiss II
is ready in Maxau harbor.

During the first telephone conversation with the boat, our illusion was shattered. The
boat was lying in port in Maxau, but the previous crew had driven over a groyne
just before entering Maxau. (The groynes are engineering works sticking out at
right angles to the shore).

A short time later the harbor diver reported that both propellers were jagged and two of the blades on the starboard propeller were bent. Onward travel was not possible.
That evening came the news that, replacement props would arrive from Holland,
that a crane was booked and on Monday morning the props would be swopped over. We could leave for Basel immediately after that.

On Monday midday we drove in convoy to the lift point. Being the largest boat we were
last, of course. Then the next surprise came. The crane was rated to 14 Tons
according to CCS. In truth, fully loaded we were 20 Tons. So instead of the
boat going forward to be lifted, the crane went back. The crane disappeared to
locate all the other boats on dry land. And finally came back in the evening.
18 Tons extra was bought on a trailer and attached to the back of the crane.
For better traction, the lifting rope was changed by putting the rope around
the roller 5 times instead of 3. And a larger hook was fitted. Only in the
evening could the boat be lifted, the props replaced and the boat returned to
the water. Fortunately there was no damage to the hull; otherwise the trip
would have been abruptly stopped here in Karlsruhe.

On Tuesday morning, three days late, we left on the second high water. (The Rhine is only
navigable by boats with a radio, top speed 20 km/h). With moderate traffic, with
overtaking freighters, signs, direction changes and respectable distance from
barges we reach the first of the two Rhine locks, at Iffezheim (Film 1)
Gambsheim and at midday the Kehl marina.

A quick aperitif from the pretty harbor landlady and then finally we
drove by taxi into the Strasbourg old town and had dinner in a wine bar.

The next day we navigated the Strasbourg Lock (Film 2). Gerstheim, Rhinau and Marckolsheim then on to Breisach.  We arrived shortly before dusk at the Breisach Motor-Yacht Club. After a short tour of this noble riverside city we completely spoilt ourselves at the Kapuzinergarten.

Early the next morning, just after dawn, we set off from Breisach, through the lock at
Vogelgrun. After a short time we were engulfed by a sticky fog with visibility
less than 100m. It’s a somewhat different feeling from being at sea. Of course,
the AIS system on the Rolling, on which we could see large riverboats, had not
been working since Holland. Going back was not an option. Our sea radar screen
in the large cake box also helped little. It usually only shows dots, not clear
obstacles or vessels on the Rhine. Luckily there were no more groynes in this
area, so in the old fashioned way, with a lookout watching and listening
forward and aft and with reduced speed, and keeping the starboard side close to
the shore we reached the Fessenheim lock. At Fessenheim it brightened up again
so we could pass the nuclear power station to starboard undamaged. Thankfully
we progressed and reached the Ott-marsheim Lock and Kembs Lock and then the
promised goal, the Region Basel port.

Having only just arrived in Basel, I needed to contact the Customs, where they told me,
rather embarrassedly, that, because we have so many permits for Rolling Swiss
II (Passenger rides, Winter Camps, Harbor tours, Demonstration rides, VAT,
customs duty, etc.). I would have to leave a deposit in the tens of thousands.

A final surprise was waiting for us at the company Satram-Huiles SA, at the corner of
the three countries where we wanted to fuel up. From preliminary research done
well beforehand, we understood that, with booking one day in advance, one could
fuel up a recreational motor boat with diesel. But, when we actually came to
fuel up, we were told that, in Basel (Switzerland) one could only fill up if
there is a return circulation system fitted for spilled fuel, which of course,
we didn’t have. We always knew that here in Switzerland they take environmental
protection very seriously.

Well then, Job done, Rolling Swiss II was now in its home Port Basel (Film 4) and is
available for and will be visited often.

To end with; because only six members had the privilege of navigating the ten Rhine locks.
Our crew member, Rolf, has made a DVD, so that everyone can get a good idea
what it is like to navigate the Rhine Locks. The film can be retrieved off the
CCS website, see page “Clubleben”

With friendly greetings from the Rhine

Skipper Werner

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20-10-12 – 27-10-12 On the way home to Basel

Our ship manager left RS II in the yard in Medemblik, ready for the Rhine tour. In
picturesque Medemblik, we took RS II from the yard on a rainy day. After
checking the repairs, we left the yard in the direction of Amsterdam. On
leaving Medemblik the lock did not work properly. It took the lock keeper 3
attempts to open the lock. After about one hour in the lock we left Medemblik.

Shortly after a pleasant sunset we arrive in Amsterdam, in Six harbor. Entering
the tight harbor entrance in the night required all of us for the first time. Our Helmsman passed with flying colors.

On Sunday we left Amsterdam in the direction of the Rhine Canal. It is impressive how much commercial shipping there is, even on a Sunday. The cruising speed of Rolling
II matched, more or less, the speed of the barges. So we could travel almost
the entire length of the canal behind one Dutch barge. On Sunday evening we
docked in Tiel. A Swiss couple approached us in Tiel marina. The Article in
“Boote” had impressed them and they wanted to take a look around RS II. We where happy to oblige them.

We arrived in extraordinarily beautiful autumn weather, on Wednesday evening in
Düsseldorf. The last day of our trip took us, in rather cold and foggy weather,
to the Rhine city of Cologne. RS II has really excelled on this trip. We had
zero problems the whole trip. This is defiantly thanks largely to our ship
manager Marc Pingoud. This is thanks largely down to his hard work, so big

Skipper Johannes

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20-10-2012 “Rolling Home!”

Since Saturday 20.10.2012 MY Rolling Swiss II has been on its way to Basel. The previous week she had an intensive overhaul and service at the De Welt Shipyard. Thus, all the traces of the previous 29 charters where eliminated. In particular the yellow discoloration
caused by the “Ostseebug”, an algae particular to the Baltic Sea. Robert needed
to polish diligently to get the hull gleaming white again.

It was a surprise to see “Aqualibra” RS IIs oldest sister ship wintering at De Klerk Shipyard. “Aqualibra” was the first Trader 42, hull number #1. RS II is hull number #22.

The „Rolling“ has provided yet another impressive season for 2012: The trip to St.
Petersburg and back, adding another approximately 1000 more hours and 5700
Nautical miles to the log book of our motor boat, and with nearly 90%
utilization CCS is very satisfied.

Onwards Rolling Home. 27.10.2012 Köln; 03.11.2012 Karlsruhe; 10.11.2012 Basel.

Currently, MY Rolling Swiss II is open to all that are interested:  Visit the CCS motor yacht during the CCS Meeting on 17.11.2012 in Basel. Or during the CCS AGM on 24.11.2012. On Sunday 25.11.2012 there is the opportunity for guests to do trips through Basel on the

We look forward to seeing you in November onboard the MY ROLLING SWISS II.

Until then, we wish RSII an exciting and varied ascent. You can follow the progress hourly
on “Yellowbrick” or AIS tracking.

Marc Pingoud,
Schiffsverantwortlicher MY ROLLING SWISS II

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22.09. – 29.09.2012 Kiel- Emden

Kiel Canal and the East Frisian Islands

Skipper : Rolf und Markus
Crew: Ruedi, Karl und Hanspeter

The Trip starts with a simple dinner in Kiel on Friday 21.9. Where we can make the final agreements and preparations for the coming day.

Saturday starts with shopping and the handover of Rolling Swiss II in the port of Kiel, and not before long its „let the lines off“. The first thrill is right on the door step, the lock to the
Historic and world’s busiest Canal. The Kiel Canal.

The passage is actually less spectacular than we had imagined, but anyway, it’s
the first time. The journey takes us in sunshine and calm water to the idyllic
Rendsburg, located on a branch of the Kiel Canal.

The north German food and the excellent infrastructure of yacht clubs provide a
beautiful finish to the first stage. Early start the next day because we want
to take the Kiel Canal all the way to the lock at Brunsbüttel and then onwards
to Webel, just before Hamburg.

Total 64 Nautical miles. By 16:30 the task is complete and we finish off the
day in a harbour restaurant. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind to us. For
the next few days it was wind and rain with little sunshine.

Monday is the shortest leg of the trip to Hamburg. Where we arrived still in bad weather. Unfortunately there was only time for a short glimpse of this legendary and historic city. The evening spent in the famous lightship restaurant will surely stay in our memories. The next day we proceeded, in dreadful weather, to the next destination, Cuxhaven; the doorway to the North  Sea. The improved weather and the beautiful port facilities at the
yacht club on the edge of the picturesque village contribute to a good atmosphere that evening.

Well rested we set of on the „queen Stage“ to Nordeney, one of the Frisian island. In addition to the navigational challenge, the journey to the island with it’s changing sandbanks and channels was done in very wavy and rainy conditions. Not to mention the 67 nautical miles covered. We where really happy that the weather cleared up before we
arrived. A sunny evening on picturesque island and a very well kept and equipped port was reward for these difficult days.

The trip to Borkum, the most westerly of the East Frisian Islands, was again in terrible weather. The Former port of the German Navy had plenty of space, but was in a somewhat neglected condition and the tank station was not up to date. To everyone’s surprise the weather cleared up and we finished the long day with a fine menu aboard. A good end to the day.

It was already Friday and with that the end of the cruise drew nearer, we needed to get to Emden by midday. Entrance to the harbor of this city, which was completely rebuilt after the war, was through a lock and under a whole bunch of lifting bridges.  We enjoyed our last evening of trip in this warmhearted and well kept town and recounted the last glorious week. That the subsequent homeward journey was delayed by two forces could not spoil, on balance, a positive week.

We all had during this trip, thanks to our experienced Skipper Rolf and Skipper 2 Markus, the opportunity to be in an excellent & well balanced team and to learn and deepen our understanding of boat handling. Also Rolling Swiss II is an ideal and comfortable boat. Not forgetting also the great discussions in the evening over a nice glass of wine.
Verfasst von Hanspeter

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15.09. – 22.09.2012 Kopenhagen – Kiel

Kiel Canal and the East
Frisian Islands
Skipper 1: Ernst, Skipper 2: Otto

Crew: Benno, Pierre-François, Bernd, Mitch

The skipper and part of the crew traveled to Kopenhagen and spent a night in the danish municipality before they could take handover of “Rolling Swiss II” on Saturday in the yacht marine “Langelinie”  next to the famous “little mermaid” . Aft a shopping trip and setup, we let the lines off and made our way. Direction Sweden!

In the Yacht marina on Skanör (A small Swedich island). We ate a fine fish in a small restaurant right on the pier. And spent our first night aboard.

On Monday we continue to Karrebaeksminde and on Tuesday to Svendborg. It was important to us that, next to living aboard, that we explored the towns on foot. So we visted Svendborg and photographed amongst other things the famous krooked houses.

Because we want to arrive in the port of Faaborg at night, so as to be lead into the port by the harbour light, we head for Aeroskobing first.  Where we practice anchoring.

The Subsequent night entrance into Faaborg was a great experience and the whole crew had a lot of fun. The next leg eventually took us to Germany where we found our spot in the Eckernförde port. The most impressive thing about this port is the wooden sailor, that was stood directly next to us.

After we catered on board for ourselves, and downed 2 bottles of champagne to initiate Skipper 2 new job. We took to our bunks.

By now it was friday and we had to make our way to Kiel. To hand the boat over to the next crew on Saturday.

The control of Kiel was very impressive, as we where surrounded by large freighters that where turning into the Kiel canal or coming from there.

After we got the whole boat gleaming and shipshape we went into Kiel for a fine Steak spend a pleasant last evening.

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25.08. – 08.09.2012 Norrköping – Göteborg

Open Sea,
Archipelagos, lakes, Secrets and canals

Hanspeter und Florin

Crew : Suzanne, Ivo und Paulette

A motley crew or 5, Canton borders forgotten, came together in Kloten. Ready, Excited and cheerful.

Hanspeter, the experienced Skipper, Florion skipper 2 and Paulette. And last but not least, us two, Suzanne and the scribe Ivo.

The flight, a bus journey, and we are already in Stockholm, in Scandic-hotel room. A stroll
through the old town, a quick Spaghetti at “Peppe”. A drink, then another, then
bed time. A start, to everyone’s liking.

Daytime, on the train to Norrköping. In Lindö port , there it is! Rolling Swiss, not 1 but 2.
The previous crew, with see legs, waiting for handover. If only everything was that

So everything is going fine. The tour is started and we are under way, better than expected. Open Sea, Archipelago, Secrets and canals welcome us. No Problems.

Despite Red/Green, Flashing, map, GPS and instructions, to be in this environment is
worth it.

We Sail what every the weather, tense due to the width of the canals. We proceed Undeterred with frowns from Swedes or Danish Skippers only looking on. Göta  and Trollhättekanal, Vättern, and also Vänersee. We experienced and saw it!
We are already at our destination, Göteborg. All going well, then a strong wind comes up.
To round off, highly deserved praise to the two female crew members. What they conjured up, onto the table everyday was simply top notch.

Every star chef humble behind their Pot, fork, plate and knife. “No chance for me, these two are simply better”
And to end, huge thanks to our two skippers. They did a great job.
Suzanne and Ivo

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18.08. – 25.08.2012 Stockholm – Norrköpping

Archipelago navigation at its best

Skipper: Urs,

Crew : Marc-Henri, Andreas, Martin, Ernst

“From Stockholm we will follow the coast down towards Norrköping. Our cruise takes us through archipelagoes, that require very careful navigation”. This is the announcement from our skipper. Our program is to find our way through the variety of large and small archipelagos and channels, overnight in beautiful bays and visit harbors that are , at this time of year, quite quiet. Cruising the archipelago requires specific docking
techniques. With a stern anchor (CQR 27kg from the forward cabin) and mooring
lines to the Rock pitons, it’s always a special experience. The weather was
kind to us, rain sparse and mostly in the evening or at night. Daytime
temperature around 20deg C

The Crew:
Urs – Skipper with huge experience,  avid bread baker
Peter – Skipper 2 and short performance during his Scandinavian tour,
Marc-Henri – he brings that French Swiss etiquette to the boat
Andreas Hager – always high voltage, master Chef
Martin – The physician responsible for any Bobos (not required), grateful eater
Ernst – treasurer and columnist

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