11.08. – 18.08.2012 Stockholm – Stockholm

Romantic bays with exciting journeys

Skipper: Ruedi, Ludwig

Crew : Jacqueline, Alena, Andreas und Patrick.

Introduction by the skipper

Shortly before my departure to Stockholm news reached me from the skipper that Rolling Swiss II had suffered damage to the starboard propeller, and that at the end of my
tour I should take the boat to a yard near Stockholm for a replacement propeller to be refitted, delivered from Switzerland. Furthermore, during our tour we are limited to a maximum engine rpm of 1300. Which equates to a comfortable displacement speed. Well! At least that limits our fuel consumption. Our whole crew took the bad news calmly and we discussed between ourselves, Who would consider being bought forward for another tour on RS II?
Anyway, we were offered this. More on this later.

Handover and journey to Napoleonsviken

The skipper, as an experienced sailor and nature lover as well as having knowledge of the archipelago, it was clear that with a motorboat. One only needs to anchor and then tie up
against one of the archipelago boulders. So for him it was taken for granted that the required equipment is already present on RS II. If the skipper had previously checked the inventory, he wouldn’t have had to franticly race around Stockholm to get the rock pitons & a buoy hook. Despite a taxi ride back, he was sweating but happy to have the necessary equipment onboard. After the safety briefing, we headed south through the narrow winding channels to Napoleonsviken. The crew makes its first tangible experience with RS II and the skipper feels more at home. This is simply a fantastic boat.

12.8. Napoleonsviken – Rassavikar

This Scenic trip, coarse SW, was no great challenge for the helmsman. Towards Aspskär the instructions from the navigator became more and more specific, go straight then
turn to starboard. The tension was not only felt by the helmsman, the whole
crew was holding its breath. Only now, to the sides of the channel it became
apparent the full extent of the challenge. So much boat and so little space. It
looked like a dead end. On the starboard side it seems there was only cm’s to
spare, and on the port side? It was a totally new experience. All one saw was green
islands, no water. Only with the help of a crew member, reporting on the space
between the island and the boat, could this narrow channel be successfully

After further impasses, shoals, rocks and a longer, all be it a wider channel, we were
rewarded by nature. Rassavikar spread out before us.

13.8. Rassavikar – Trosa – Västerfjärden (Ringsö)

We spent a quiet night in the heart of nature in front of a large boulder, then collected
ourselves ready for the next challenge. This time, not South to the open sea but north into the interior. Even more nature was asked for. More channels, forks and junctions. The main demand of the Navigator culminated in- Please do not confuse any of the islands & without exception pay attention to all the navigation marks. And for the Helmsman- always stay “cool”. When maneuvering, Inner calm is half the battle. Not to close your eyes, but keep the dangers in clear sight, is the key to success. Today we had 5, namely each crew member.
For the helmsman at the wheel or on the throttles, the real challenge was to
maneuver RS II through the winding constrictions unharmed.

After Trosabesuch in the afternoon we headed directly between the islands of Ringsö and found a wonderful archipelago. After our arrival, dead silence around the hidden bay. In the coves Swedish boats lay hidden. We couldn’t even hear our neighbors to the port and starboard of us.
Then the ultimate shock. The crew of RS II was hungry after a difficult day so we needed to cook…..- on an electric stove.

Our „Geni“ is actually quite quiet, but it was the only sound in an otherwise dead quiet bay. In reply the Swedes felt obliged to communicate with us. A head shaking Swede
could not understand how you could cook with electricity on a boat.

The next stage, on account of strong wind we choose to find another route instead of going on the open sea as we had earlier planned. So we navigate again through the shelter of the archipelago. Never the less the crew can feel how stable and responsive RS II is in waves, if only for 2 hours.

On arriving in Utö, we try the second most important tool in the archipelagos. After rock
pitons is the mobile disposable grill. “Smaklig måltid” in German “en Guetä”.

15.8. Utö S –Säck

The islands on the doorstep to Stockholm inspire us once again. We find the best spot that is sheltered from all wind. A cove at Säck.

16.8. Säck – Getfote

Once again the navigation was not so easy. The beautiful green islands all look the same and are not always immediately recognizable as an island.

Getfote is no dream destination. That is something we knew already. But the very small island lies about 5 Nautical miles NE of our yard. But on its south side there is a sandy
beach with Sauna. We enjoyed both and watched passing cruise ships arriving in Stockholm.

17.8. Getfote – Werft – Stockholm

Like Clockwork, we find ourselves at the yard a 9:00. Or is it a junk yard? The skipper is
confident that his navigation is correct and proceeds to search for somebody
amongst the piles of stainless steel. They also found us, and informed us that
we are in the right place. However the propeller, shipped from Switzerland
has not arrived and is still in the Swedish customs.

Super….this as well, so the skipper! The communication channel to Marc (who is responsible for the boat) and negotiator with the yard go full speed and eventually we find
solution to the problem. The boat is to be taken out of the water and the
starboard propeller is to be repaired in this facility (ok so it’s not a
junkyard). Thanks to Marc and the boats papers, we have the original spec
sheets for both the propellers on board. About 3 hours later the newly repaired
propeller, looking brand new is mounted on RS II. At this point I would like to
thank the yard worker for his precise Swedish craftsmanship, and due to us, he
needed to work overtime and despite this enjoyed his work.

The Testing under full load for noise and vibration are successful and we turn around and
come back after some delay to Wasahamn in Stockholm

Finally, I should mention that it has been a successful, incredibly beautiful, exciting
and instructive cruise with a great crew.

Posted by: Skipper Rudolf in cooperation with
the crew 1.9.2012/rz


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What happened to Akki’s suitcase?

28.07. – 04.08.2012 Turku – Turku

Skipper: Urs

Crew: Akki, Andy, Christopher, Philippe and Corinne

Saturday, July 28

The crew found Rolling Swiss II in Turku at 11 am. The only notable absence is the suitcase of Akki which did not follow its owner. The start was delayed a little to allow her to go and buy some things she might need for a few days.

At 15.00 hours, we set off, after admiring the new wardrobe of our crew member.  We reached Nauvo already after 35 miles at sea. As it was busy in the harbour, we moored onto  a yacht whose crew was all female. To thank them for their hospitality, we offer a bottle of red Neuchâtel.

The port was busy, mostly with Finns on the last day of their holidays and there to enjoy the party late into the night.

Dinner was a surprise for us: fish cooked by Corinne proved inedible because far too salty.

This encourages some of the crew to go to the pub to quench their thirst, Bravely confronting the big storm of the revelry in the port.

Sunday, July 29:

Gentlely wake with the sun. revellers recover from the party the night before and nobody moves in the port before 9:30. After a hearty breakfast, a visit to the harbour area, we discovered a beautiful 17th century church surrounded by a cemetery.

Still no news of the bag, we headed to the port of Sottunga that offers a great contrast with the port yesterday. The harbour is much smaller, there are fewer  boats and the atmosphere is very quiet. Silence reigns at the scene. An excursion on land allows us to discover a beautiful wooden church. In the forest covered with a thick layer of moss and lichen we find chanterelles which complement nicely the evening meal.

Tuesday, July 30

Awakening to a drizzling rain which accentuates the silence of the place.

We weighed anchor at 10 o’clock and headed towards Mariehamn where Akki will be able to retrieve his suitcase.

Time passes slowly, but there are still quite a swell. The Swiss Rollings II must divert hastily to avoid a big ferry that turns. Phew! We get out of the way!

We arrive in Mariehamn under a blazing sun. Where we admire two beautiful four masted ships moored near our berth.

Akki has finally found his suitcase. We finished the evening at a restaurant in port.

Wednesday, July 31

The sun is with us today. Departure Mariehamn towards Kastelholm, with  a breeze and glorious sunshine.

We arrive at 3:30 p.m. punctually in the pretty port of Kastelholm, which allows us to visit the area. We visit the castle and a park where old houses are built in the typically Finnish style. You can see some windmills and old farms.

Thursday, August 1,

Starting at 10 am Kastelholm towards Lappo.  Navigation including a somewhat difficult passage between two small islands very close together.  The harbour at Lappo is particularly unattractive, but we watch fascinated as ferries bring and take away everything that is needed for life on the island.

We admire the full moon as it rises in the clear sky.

Friday, August 2

After a huge breakfast, we check what’s left in the fridge – verdict after eating so much?  better be careful with balance on deck!  We leave the port to return to Lappo Nauvo. The goal is to clean the boat and refuel (yes, sadly our journey is almost finished).

Port Nauvo is much quieter this time. We easily find a berth as the Finnish holidays are nearing completion.

Saturday, August 3

Tasks are distributed, everyone cleaning, then the inventory.  A trip to the pumps is our
last stop and back to Turku.

After a meal at the Italian restaurant at Sergio, we spend one last night on the boat. In the morning everyone goes home with a head full of memories.

Summary by Corinne

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Through the Gulf of Finland and to Estonia

21.07. – 28.07.2012 Helsinki – Tallinn – Turku

Skipper: Andreas

Crew: Ute, Sabine, Guido and Michael

The journey begins with a shock: At check in at Zurich airport an SMS reaches me saying our skipper Daniel is injured after a fall from his bike and can’t lead the cruise. Luckily we can and co-skipper Andrew must take over the responsibility of being in charge. On time on Saturday morning at 9 clock, the crew, now reduced to 5, meets in beautiful weather in Helsinki harbor and we can take on the Rolling Swiss II. After the essential tasks had already been handed out to crew members in Olten, shopping, boat transfer, safety orientation, etc., and after lunch we go out to a first trip. The holiday begins!

The first surprise for me as a sailor, was how much space and comfort a motor boat of this size has. Further acquaintance of the boat will amaze me again and again how completely thoughtful and practical are all the features of Rolling Swiss II, Not only is everything there, but it is also beautiful to look at, and all that wonderful wood!

I’m not the only motor boat newcomer on board: Sabine and Guido are also her to log the 100nm we need for our motorboat offshore certificates. Michael is here to see the charms of Finland and get experience with a twin engine powerboat.

The next surprise waits for all of us in front of the port of Helsinki: The fact that the archipelago would be so fragmented and so confusing had not really been made clear to us. The channel is extremely confusing, and there is considerable traffic of vessels of all sizes. The number of navigational aids which have been prepared by the Finns to direct traffic in the archipelago, is just as impressive as confusing. We have reduced the speed, take it all in, and feel our way cautiously from buoy to buoy .

At night we are tired and happy, but also confident that we can trust ourselves for the  40 nm run to Tallinn next morning.

The trip to Tallinn is easy with mild weather: flat sea, sun – perfect Sunday weather. Our travel literature had asserts that yachts can only come into the former Olympic harbor a few kilometers east of Tallinn. Disappointed, we have read that the City of Port Varnasadam is only for “commercial use” is. Our maps indicate that several ferries pass just before the town and harbor. A satellite image from Google shows a completely
empty dock with a barren stretch of land between harbor and old town … Then we find a handwritten note in the Estonian correction chart that in this nearly square harbor now is a marina! We had no problem getting a berth and be briefed by the Harbour Master at the dock perfectly. It will probably be always full when the information spreads that this is a Marina.

We can recommend it for visitors to Tallinn as a starting point for sightseeing. Showers, sauna and shopping (except for fresh bread in the morning) are available. With Upper Town and Lower Town, cathedral, castle, market and town walls especially busy with many small and almost car-free cobbled streets, the city offers enough for a full vacation. We restrict ourselves to an afternoon and an unfortunately rainy morning.

The return trip from Tallinn to the Finnish coast the next day, then is not as comfortable as the arrival. The sky is gray, a stiff wind blowing from the north-west, impressive waves build up, and the Rolling Swiss II makes its name by wild pitches and rolls through the waves. I think that night everyone was glad to have reached the archipelago again and be back in their serene small ports.

The next day Tammisaari is on the program, but when we come back to a quiet  comfortable ride there looking for a berth, we are turned away due to lack of space. I would have liked to have stayed in this small town; the remains of the glorious summer house of a Russian in the early 20th Century or the Alvar Altoo house designed for sailors and visited by Göran Schildt. So we have to resort to another small port town.
Contemplative, the trip will be, as we hoof it in smaller stages west towards Turku. We have easily clocked our 100nm crossing the Baltic to Estonia and back.

It must be said that not only did Andreas complete his first CCS cruise as skipper, and that he did it masterfully, but he also made the experience wonderful for his three apprentices on board. The training was great; from the right way to throw a warp while mooring, manoeuvring with the two engines, a lightening course in radar use and lots of small details of good seamanship.

I have learned something: Even after this trip I will stay with the  sailors. I can not leave the harbour without looking for different sailing ships and imagining the next cruise. In
the end, I prefer the more direct contact with the wind. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that the CCS with Rolling Swiss II offers its members the opportunity to train on a popular powerboat and maintain if you like this trip – join the club. I can only say it was a harmonious and interesting trip.

Reported by Ute Schmiedel, Mulhouse

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Finnish Archipelago

14.07. – 21.07.2012 Helsinki – Helsinki

Skipper: Pierre-Alain Bruchez

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Congested Harbours and Anchorages

07.07. – 14.07.2012 Helsinki – Helsinki

Skipper: Bertrand and Astrid

Crew: Cornerlia, Thomas and René

While crew members Cornelia and Thomas along with skipper Bertrand and Skipper 2 Astrid did the major shopping in Helsinki, René, who completed the crew for this week was busy cleaning Rolling Swiss II.

With the previous crew departing on the Saturday, a dinner of the two “teams” was the start of a varied cruise in the archipelago west of Helsinki.

The days were filled with the precise navigation and the continuous ticking off the number of navigational aids, so any time it was clear where the ship and crew are. This is important in this rock-rich area and makes navigating the many waterways through the area of ​​interest. Of course, there was time to admire the varied, pristine and diverse landscape.

In the evenings we docked at (crowded) ports. Usually with a stern line onto buoy. Especially in stronger winds, with the comparatively large size of our boat, this was not always and an easy task but often a neighbour would help. Amazing how many boats can get onto a on a small pier head! The more densely packed, the less movement! So we could also explore some Finnish towns.

The last two nights we spent anchored in bays and enjoyed feeling our bodies in the clear waters. The weather was great too, the sun was warming after a dip.

Happy after our experiences we handed on Rolling Swiss in Helsinki to the relief crew.  Everyone was happy with the cruise we had chosen.

Reported by Bertrand

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The Heart Of The Russian Language

30.06. – 07.07.2012 St. Petersburg – Helsinki
Skipper Peter and Isabelle

Crew: Christoph, René and Anthony

Everyone who has ever been on a cruise knows the importance of the mood on board to the pleasure of his crew. After we dumped our luggage on the boat, Christoph, René and I go shopping, while Anthony, together with Peter, our skipper, takes over the boat. Instead of a supermarket we found a small shop near the metro station of the Krestovsky Marina – oh dear, of course, customers do not serve themselves, and the people of St. Petersburg do
not all speak a foreign language …

The shop is small and divided in two, but with appropriate patience you can muster almost everything you need. The woman behind the counter has a friendly smile, luckily she speaks and understands English, we are most anxious to get the large bottles of mineral water. Then she hands us on to the next staff in the next room.

We need butter for breakfast. “What,” asks the seller. “Butter” we repeat. “Ah. Finnish or Russian?” No
idea, but if we are already in Russia …”Russian”, and she puts a bottle on the counter. “We need two” and stretch out on two fingers, so just one more thing. We need milk. “Which one? Finnish or Russian?”
Oh, yes, of course, then stop again Russian milk. “Russian milk no good, suomi milk better”, adds the seller. Then we’ll take Finnish milk. What is not good about the Russian milk? Does she want to treat as tourists and sell us the best products, or just raid our wallets? The Russian sausages, which we did in fact try later in a soup are, in fact, a little weird, with red plastic skins, and accordingly taste rather strange.

René is armed with a small Russian dictionary, and each time it is used, the phrasing doesn’t go quite right. We are looking for preserves and pickles, for sandwiches or cold cuts. René tried it with “огурец”. The seller shows the round the room and says “other side”, there among the fresh vegetables are cucumbers. We then show her on the shelf and say “no, this.” “Oh, маринованный огурчик”. Apparently we had used the wrong word, and let the matter rest.  Everyone seems to prefer  English. “Which one?” “The big jar, please”.

After water, yogurt, cheese, meats and salami, fruit cocktail stuff, vegetables, salad – only cucumbers and tomatoes – we get onto wine and beer. The beer is in the fridge. “Which kind?” Asks the friendly server who had greeted us at the beginning. We look at her blankly. “Russian or Finnish beer?” This time we do not give up and want Russian beer. “Bottle or can?” We have a discussion about whether bottles or cans are better onboard. “Cans, please”. The seller takes 6 different cans from the fridge and lined up on the counter. “Which
one?” No idea … one is dark beer and already ruled out. Since we will be way on the Baltic, we choose the brand BALTIKA.

“Anything else?” We still need paper towels, how do you say that well in English? In adversity, we just ask for toilet paper. “Which one? This one, this one or this one?” We take the toilet paper on the far right, which turns out later to be household paper …

A backpack, two paper bags and some cardboard boxes and our goods are transported by taxi to the marina. The trip should have cost 400 rubles, then the driver asked for 500 rubles for the distance that you can
cover in 10 minutes on foot. The next day, we pay 500 rubles for the taxi to us all the way from the marina to the Mariinsky Theatre in the centre of town!

Without muesli (there isn’t any in Russia) and jam (I forgot it) we are off at about 4 clock in the morning going towards Kronstadt and into the channel. 12 hours to Vyborg, our only other Russian port. The outbound
clearance the next day takes almost 2 hours to complete, the officials are friendly and conscientious, they come with his laptop on board, passports and visas are examined and checked, the boat’s papers too. It’s raining as we set out, the weather is improving gradually and after 7 hours we put in on Santio with sunshine, a small island with Finnish border post where we toast and are relieved that everything went well.

From now on, we enjoy the beautiful Finnish archipelago on the way back to Helsinki.

Reported by Isabelle

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The Russian Experience

16.06. – 30.06.2012 Helsinki – St.

Skipper Marc and Florin

Crew: Max, Pierre-François, Peter

To take Rolling Swiss II to St. Petersburg, that was our mission. Florin, Pierre-François (“PF”),
Max, Peter and I got together for this “common nautical destiny”! The impressions during those 14 days were even more diverse:

• From the solitude of the Finnish archipelago to the busy city of Saint Petersburg

• Almost every day sunshine, and then low hanging clouds with drizzle

• From sunset to sunrise in three hours without darkness – … or the realization of why you’re more tired after the holidays than before when working

• The European EU Regulations and then the Russian rules in Vyborg.

• From the most expensive in the North Marina in Helsinki for two days to a free berth at Zollpier in Vyborg

• From the theoretical to the practical applied: SRC radio contact with Russian authorities

• From thousands of rocks and shoals to Russian naval units rocketing  toward
us were some of the obstacles we faced.

• from a mission for the Russian Coatsguard to identify an unknown radar contact some miles in front of us to an investigation mission in Vyborg with the goal to find a girlfriend named Tamara of a young sailer, who had been missing for 50 years.

• From the most expensive beer in Finland to the cheapest vodka in Russia

• From the implicit meaning of the words “Caillou Caillou” to “HoHo
Hooo” accompanied by a meaningful glance and slight roll of the eye

The highlight of the trip was a “night” cruise along the Neva with the relief crew. Thank you very much at this point to Vladimir who supported us and professionally during
our visit to St. Petersburg.

For the crew 08-2012-25, Marc Pingoud

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Anchoring in the archipelago and back to Helsinki

   09.06.-16.06.2012 Helsinki – Helsinki

Skipper: Peter and Christian
Crew: Alena, Franziska and Daniel

Arriving the day before our cruise, we visited a Finnish restaurant in the evening, which was very comfortable. We were able to taste  Finnish specialities such as salmon and Renntier. The next morning we took ove MY ROLLING SWISS II in the port of Helsinki.

The shopping was dealt with quickly and efficiently and we were off!

First off, everyone practiced manouvers int he port, before we headed off on our trip in the direction of Dragesviken.  Having been working on the voyage plan for some time, Christian had prepared various options for each day, to be chosen according to the weather and our mood.

It was decided to do a day trip, and the whole crew took it in one hour turns to be navifator and look out.  This worked perfectly – we were a really good team!

Ont he second day, we did some fast passage making – really fun! Having made our way to Taamisaari, we visited the beautiful Finnish city.  Then on to the Bengtskär Lighthouse, which at 46m tall is the highest in the Nordic countries and then on to Hankö and Inkoo before returning to Helsinki.

We would often stay in a beautiful bay in the middle of the archipelago, int he middle of the glorious Finnish landscape, surounded by peace and quiet, water, sun and birds.  Simply gorgeous! A high point was mooring up to a rock – something none of us had ever seen – thanks Skipper Peter.

The crew was able to gain valuable experience and confidence due to the experiences of both skippers. A warm thank you to Peter and Christian.

The yacht  ROLLING SWISS II is very comfortable and very well equipped, she really lacks nothing! Despite the fresh wind and cold temperatures, we could enjoy much sun and watch a beautiful Finnish nature from the water! It was a really wonderful cruise!

Reported by Alena

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Cruising in the Gulf of Finland


 09.06.2012 Turku – Helsinki


Skipper: Bernhard

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Sweden to Finland

 26.05. – 02.06.2012 Stockholm – Turku

Skipper: Ernst and URS
Crew: Daniel, Akki, André, Daniela

The trip started in Stockholm with our taking over Rolling Swiss II.  While the skipper took care of the paperwork and checking over the Trader 42, the rest of the crew went shopping.  Since it was clear that we would be unlucky to find many shopping facilities on the way to Turku, we had to stock up on a week’s food for six.

Our first adventure was to transport three stuffed shopping trolleys and three adults back to the harbour in taxis – which took quite a lot of persuasion.  After everything was stowed on board, the real adventure could begin.

After the safety briefing, we were out to sea and off to our first anchorage at the island of Bergh.  During dinner, we noticed the the anchor was dragging, so out on deck to carry out some new maneouvers, and then after the food was reheated and eaten, off to bed.

Waking up in the idyllic bay was a most romantic experience, and we really felt to be on holiday.  After a sumptuous breakfast, we could get ourselves familiar with the operation of the boat.  We practiced repeatedly various exercises in seamanship, including anchoring. Today’s goal was Kapellsär HAMN on Rådmansö.

Before we continued on to crossing the open sea to Mariehamn , there was  intensive instruction on distress signals and man overboard procedures. Interesting and educational information and it made us very aware how much there to note in such a situation – and that we never want to experience one.

Despite good weather, the crossing was very turbulent due to strong winds. Not only the high waves had us feeling that we just danced a nutshell in the open sea, but also the huge ferries and freighters. We were on the highway of professional ships! So we could practice applying all the regulations, especially when we found ourselves in the middle of two intersecting ferries. An exciting experience! With the aarrival in Mariehamn, we changed time zone from UTC + 2 to UTC + 3.  Åland is a province of Finland, which is very Swedish but with broad autonomy. It is in the Northern Baltic Sea, at the entrance of Gulf of Bothnia  between Sweden and the Finnish mainland. The archipelago consists of over 6’700 islands and Skerries, and is about 40 km from the Swedish coast and 15 kilometres from the Finnish coast.

Before sailing to Bomarsund , the crew practiced mooring exercises. It felt great to feel the effects of the rudders and engines, getting to know the pivot points of the boat and how to use the winds in manouvers.

From Bomarsund we went through the archipelago sea to Fiskö and again on the following day to Nauvo. The archipelago lies between the islands of Åland and the Finnish mainland. The sea area is dotted with thousands of islands, rocks, shallows and other hazards.  In navigaitional terms, it is a challenge, but very instructive! We followed the beacons and charts very carefully to stay in safe waters.

She arrived in Nauvo and Rolling Swiss II was again fueled and cleaned from the outside, as this was our last port before Turku . Turku welcomed us with pouring rain. After a week of good weather – with much and sometimes cold wind – the weather could not spoil our good mood.

The last day was for cleaning and carrying out the inventory while the skipper filed his paperwork.  After a week of instruction and teamwork – and a few laughs of course! – we handed over “our” boat which had been our home for a week and had carried us safely from Stockholm to Turku.  We were a happy and proud crew!

Author: Daniela

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