30.7–06.08.2011 Heading for the next capital

Picture 1: South Kattegat, heading to for the Great Belt.

Picture 2: The generator group kept the crew busy – The replaced impeller

Picture 3: Passing the Smålands strait, numerous shallows requested high concentration of the navigator.

Picture 4: Jürg, sitting starboard in front, achieved during this cruise his 500th
nm – congratulation.

Picture 5: Evening ambience on the island Ven, Sweden.

Picture 6: Overcrowded Christianshaven, Copenhagen

During our last day on sea, spoiled by the past sunny days, we had to bear
the reverse side of weather. Cruising through the Sund, heading for Copenhagen we
had good sight and a confident forecast. However arising fog degraded the
visibility down to less than 50 m. Keeping sharp look-out and listening, giving acoustic
signals, intensive use of radar, MARPA and AIS functions lead us through the
busy inlet to the port. With two hours delay, but enriched on experience and
happy to arrive we finally moored in Christianshaven.

Rolf, Skipper of Cruise 08/2011/31

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23.–30.07.2011 Peak season in the famous Kattegat

All crew members dropped in with best motivation for the upcoming cruise at Aalborg near the Limfjord, the 4th biggest city of Denmark. During the nice and convivial dinner the whole crew with skipper Ernst, vice skipper Bertrand, Astrid, Celine, Anne-Karina and Kari we prepared our minds for our journey.

On Saturday the taking over of Rolling Swiss II went on as usual, the charges were
assigned as already agreed. Therefore Celine, Anne-Karina and Kari went out for
shopping, to buy ahead the food for the coming days.

Bertrand, our vice skipper, together with Ernst initiated us in the mysteries of the safety
rules on board, a good exercise to get the first impressions of RSII. This yacht has a really impressive layout with excellent equipment and large space for the six crew members. Experiencing my first cruise it was simply stupendous for me.

Our first leg going west on the Limfjord led us to Logstor. There was quite a heavy traffic on the narrow waterway. Lot of foreign and custom boats were on the way in both rections. Arriving at the harbor of Logstor Ernest impressively proofed how little space it’s needed to completely turn around RS II.

On Sunday, the second day of our cruise we were anchoring near the island of Livö. We intended to watch the seals colony living there. From far we saw the animals lying on a swath of land. Going back to the east we passed the lifting bridge of Aegersund and docked in the harbor of Nibe around six o’clock in the evening.

On the following day we anchored on the east end of the Limfjord. Already during the night we left again heading in direction of the Isle of Anholt where we arrived at 09:00 a.m. encountering a crowded harbor.

Our journey then led us  back to the mainland, to Grenaa and Ebeltoft until we arrived on Friday at Aarhus as initially planned.

We experience a interesting and varied week with sunny days and little wind allowing a very enjoyable tour.

Kari, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/30

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16.–23.07.2011 Exploring the Limfjord

On July 16th, a sunny day, our crew of 5 – lead by Urs the experienced skipper, Marc-André
acting as second, and assisted by Gerhard, Edina and Mario – set out from Aalborg to sail the Limfjord.

But soon the weather changed, so that the seaworthiness and the comfort of “our” ROLLING SWISS II was greatly appreciated.

It was meant to be vacation cruise, so we went only for short hops , generally not
exceeding 3 hours of navigation, and we had time enough to explore some of the
small towns, villages or islands of the Limfjord.

One of these tourist highlights was the nature-preserved island of Livo – which we reached by ferry from Röndbjerg, the small harbour of Livo being crammed full. And then there was the Limfjord museum at Lögstör – and quite some local pubs to discover for Mario.

It was an easy navigation, mostly on sight, but it took us quite a while to adapt and to
identify what looked more like old broomsticks instead of the “real” lateral and cardinal beacons we expected to find.

And then we experienced the small Limfjord harbours with their pile moorings, not exactly
tailored to fit a yacht of the size of our Trader 42 “ROLLING SWISS”: once or twice we tried to squeeze her in between the poles, but fortunately did not insist too much – and settled for a safe and easier mooring alongside a pier, be it under the derrick or next to a smelly fishing boat.

Once, near Agerö island, we set anchor for lunch, just in time before a heavy rain shower rocked the boat.

The only breakdown we experienced was the horn: instead of the usual triumphant hooting, only a faint, croaky noise emerged. But all it needed to recover its voice was some gentle wake-up tapping with a wooden cooking spoon.

Despite a cool and rainy weather with quite some wind, these few days passed only too
fast and already we were heading back to Aalborg.

Rain pouring down on our final approach – and the bow-thruster suddenly obstructed
with some debris or a pack of sea-weed, made us choose an easy-access mooring, albeit without supply of water or electricity.

So the final wash-down of the boat was gladly left to the pouring rain.

In summary, a memorable, easy break, a cheersome crew, plentiful of good food , and a great boat – an exercise to repeat.

Gerhard, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/29

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02.-16.07.2011, Kiel – Aalborg: A cruise with some “Tradition and Nostalgia”

Already our crew meeting in Mai 2011 takes place at a very time-honoured location: Peter J, honorary member of CCS Motorboat welcomes us on the castle of Altenklingen in Switzerland. After discussing our cruise we are guided through the 1000 years of history of the castle –very informative and impressive!

The next traditional location we meet at the begin of our cruise in Kiel: Not 1000 years but only 5 years ago, at the 7 april 2006, the first Motoryacht “ROLLING SWISS (I)” of CCS (a De Vries Lentsch) had her baptism in the harbour of Düsternbrook in Kiel just in front of the harbour masters office – and today our new MY ROLLING SWISS II is berthed exactly at the same place, what a feeling! Already tradition or still nostalgia?

Another milestone we passed in the Limfjord: The first 1000hrs of operation on the clock of our engines! – To be continued…

I would like to present you the report of our cruise from Kiel to Aalborg with an
enhanced picture gallery including as well some further traditional aspects like the famous Danish Vinerbrød (in every harbour came up a competition, who would get the Vinerbrød today…) or our visit in Randers, where Peter W was often on holidays during his childhood (…and we welcomed his 90 year old aunt Ebba on ROLLING SWISS II for a drink).

1000 Thanks to Erika and both Peters for a great and relaxing holiday cruise – I know now, that Kiel-Aalborg within 14 days is too short, we may could spend a month or
more in this great area!

Marc Pingoud, Skipper 08-2011-27

Move Cursor over picture to see description - Pictures by Peter W and Marc Pingoud

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18.06.-02.07.2011 Emden – Hamburg – Kiel: The first time in the Baltic Sea!

Leaving from Emden with my new crew, under the command of Urs, who decided to pass the Jade channel to reach the German Bight. I’m too tall for some bridges there,
so it’s necessary for my crew  to lower my mast to pass through. During the whole day
by strong wind and heavy rain – I’m giggling: The skipper is soppy like a sponge, we
are navigating snugly on dead slow towards Wilhelmshaven.  By following the canal, at least ten times people on bicycle or by foot told the skipper that I’m very beautiful. The bridges open according to my movement, even an ambulance (with flashing red lights) was
waiting my passage. At the German Marine Port Wilhelmshaven, waiting for the
opening of the big lock I assisted on an air force exercise simulating a low
level mission attack to the port.  Finally and again under heavy rain we passed the big lock to reach the port of Bremerhaven, the most easterly port I’ve seen together with my skipper last year. After that we left for Hamburg to encounter my next crew.

The changing of the crew in the City-Hafen in Hamburg went quite quick since the skipper remained on board with me. We even left the same afternoon heading for Brunsbüttel
to enter into Kiel Cabal (Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, NOK). After one night of recovery
at Rendsburg I passed the lock of Holtenau on Monday, 27. June 2011 at 12:00
a.m. to dive the first time into the Baltic Sea. The skipper made me discover the Schlei and then, back in Kiel he confides me to the next skipper Marc, who is the person looking after me.

Hope to see you soon

Rolling Swiss II

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11.-18.06.2011 Cruise Amsterdam – Emden, Summertime in the Wadden Sea

On Friday, 10th of June 2011 the first crew members arrived on the Rolling
Swiss II. Contrary to the initial planning we received the yacht in the inner
port of Medemblik at the shipyard de Klerk. On Saturday, after the arrival of
the other crew members we left the shipyard passing a lock to reach the main
port of Medemblik.

With good weather and calm sea we left Medemblik on Sunday in direction of Oudenschild on the Isle of Texel. As for the next day the weather was to become worse we continued up to the Isle of Terschelling. Due to White Sunday Weekend we found the port overcrowded. We had to moore alongside of a “Wadden Sea Cruiser”. All of us  were quite surprised to see the cruiser actuating its skegs hydraulically.

Under misty weather we said goodbye to Terschelling and reached later on Leeuwarden via Harlingen. There the whole crew was fascinated by this picturesque Dutch village.

On Tuesday we travelled through the canals to arrive at Lauwersoog. Sometimes the canals
were quite narrow and very precise steering of the Rolling Swiss II was requested. Some of the crew members found maneuvering in the locks very challenging.

Having beautiful weather we crossed from Lauersoog to Borkum Island, to enter into the
“Bundesschutzhafen”. The very badly maintained port didn’t really invite for staying, therefore we decided to explore the Isle on bicycle. By the way, Borkum is full of tourists during summer time.

Thursday we left Borkum with the idea to bunker fuel at Delfzijl. However the gasoil
station was closed. Luckily we found a shipyard near the Ems flood barrage to fill up our tanks. Due to foul ground the approach to the shipyard was a final nautical challenge for us. Via the sea lock of Emden we reached our final destination at Ratsdelft of Emden.

We had a varied sailing trip, with demanding navigation in a very interesting area round
the wadden sea.

Johannes, Skipper of  cruise 08-2011-24

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France-Begium-Netherlands: In 10 days from Le Havre to the Ijsselmeer

A remark from the the administrator: The skippers of CCS are free in selecting their story for this blog. It seems, that getting experience with ROLLING SWISS II during some stormy and wavy days in the Channel is rather popular…

Tuesday 24.05.2011 Heavy Sea in the English

We left Dieppe under WSW 5 and waves of 1.5m hight. Then reaching the hight of
« Baie de la Somme a special wether forecast (BMS) announced on channel
79, 8-9 bft. Considering that my three crew members became already sea sick and
and sent their meals back to sea, I took the decision to head for Boulogne
sur mer since, due to low tide we couldn’t reach Baie de Somme, setting the engines
at 2500 rpm and adapting the flaps. I was really astonished and amazed
about the behavior of our Trader 42 “ROLLING SWISS II” in such heavy sea with waves of 3-3.5 (occ. 4m) height. Running at a speed of about 14 nods, navigation became
quite comfortable and as it would be impossible at hull speed. I spent around 2.5
hours lonely on the rudder under these conditions, however always with an
impression of safety. ROLLING SWISS II is not just I very nice boat, she really likes the

Urs, Skipper of cruise 08-2011-21

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The “Seven Star Cuisine”- Cruise … – and a Stugeron tablet as a dessert

Saint Malo – Le Havre a lively, instructive Journey from 14 to 21 may 2011

Yacht: MY Rolling Swiss II / Trader 42

Participants: Skipper:  Werner; Co-Skipper: Florin; Crew: Marianne, Marcel, Daniel, Christoph 

Ports called at: Lézardrieux – St. Peter Port – Braye – Cherbourg – Le Havre

Length of the trip:    290 nm$

Notice: Wakeup call at dawn (!); strong winds up to 6.5 bft; consumption of an uncountable number Stugereon tablets; extremely good atmosphere on board, “Seven Star Cuisine” (Werner’s comment)

Conclusion: Very enjoyable and diversified cruise through a fantastic area, with extreme
currents and high tidal range up to 12 m and last but not least Werner’s commitment to Rolling Swiss II: “She is a super chest”.

For my mind the above keyword would be meaningful enough, however some more explanations are given by describing the first day’s cruise on the open sea:

Soon after leaving the harbor at 08:15 a.m., the skyline of St. Malo still within eyeshot range the first crew member already hung over the railing, followed by the second, the third and finally by the fourth one. For the remaining two men, Werner and Marcel there was nothing else for it but to navigate MY Rolling Swiss II over the next 42 nm, trough 3.5 m high shaking waves against 6 bft wind to finally, safely reach the port of Lézardrieux. Entering the marina the stomach has already calmed and after having a little beer together the team agreed to continue the cruise as planned, to regularly and collectively swallow the said Stugeron pills in short intervals.

Marcel’s “Seven Star Cuisine” not only filled our empty stomach, it was his contribution to a pleasurable, convivial evening.

After the first day’s intermezzo and the measures taken accordingly we enjoyed the remaining days at the Bretagne and Normandy and I’ll keep this journey in a fond memory for a long time.

Many thanks to all, Marianne, Crew member of Cruise 08-2011-20

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The Channel Islands – Intensive training with some fireworks

Brittany from 07 to 14 may 2011

Under the command of Skipper Ernst “MY ROLLING SWISS II”, the Trader 42 of the Cruising Club Switzerland, cast off from St. Malo (France) on May 8th with a mixed crew of French and German speaking participants: François as 1st Officer, Pierre-Yves, Gérald, Franziska and Daniel - all of Switzerland.
During the week long leisure turn we called at the following harbours and anchorages: Iles Chausey – St. Helier (Jersey) – Derrible Bay (Sark) – St. Peter Port (Guernsey) – Tréguier – St. Quay / Portrieux – Erquy – St. Cast / Le Guildo. The final call was at the Bas Sablons Marina in St. Malo again.
The stops in Jersey and Guernsey were quite spectacular in as far as they fell by coincidence on Liberation Day. We could learn about the hard times of the German occupation, witnessed the Liberation Day Parade with speeches and concerts and had a glorious view in St. Peter Port of the night fireworks.
At the various places visited we undertook some sight seeing and explored the many good restaurants, while underway exercising the navigation skills was mandatory for all participants. All of them were impressed and wholly satisfied with the comfort and the performance of ROLLING SWISS II.

by Ernst, Skipper CCS cruise 08/2011/19

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Exploring Brittany

Saturday, 30.04.2011, St. Malo
09:00 Receiving the boat, then shopping, preparation and safety instruction for the whole crew.
17:30 – 20:00 first maneuvering exercises. Each crew member at least once at the rudder, undocking and docking with spring line. Dinner at the restaurant.

Sunday, 01.05.2011, St Malo
12:30 leaving the berth with course to St. Quay-Portrieux
16:30 mooring alongside the pier, just after mooring: rain showers.
During the day we made run MY ROLLING SWISS II for the first time at full speed.

Monday, 02.05.2011
It’s the Skippers birthday…
Rough sea during cruising to St. Helier, Jersey. Sea sickness comes up, but remains limited
Controlled on sea by the French Custom. Original ship documents of ROLLING SWISS II were not on board, however at least the didn’t give us a fine. We were just recommended for the future, to carry the original papers on board (Remark by CCS: It’s done…).

Tuesday, 03.05.2011
Cruising with calm weather to St. Peter Port, Guernsey.

Wednesday, 04.05.2011
During high tide at 08:03  we reached Herm. With sinking tide we left in time the small harbor of Gosselin at the east cost of Sark; mooring at a buoy and visiting the island of Sark.
14:45 leaving the buoy and crossing to St. Helier, Jersey.
18:00 mooring in the harbor after a lot of maneuvering exercises in the offshore terminal

Thursday, 05.05.2011
St. Helier – Lézardrieux, late lunch in the harbor then cruising to St. Quay – Portrieux
20.30  mooring in the harbor

Friday, 06.05.2011
St. Quay – Portrieux – St. Malo, Bas-Sablons Marina
12 :20 mooring at the petrol filling station, bunkering diesel- but only in small portion posible, only 70 EUR at the time. In the afternoon cleaning the boat carefully to prepare handing over to the next crew.
And – last common dinner in a restaurant….

Saturday, 07.05.2011, St. Malo
09:00–10:30 handing over ROLLING SWISS II to Ernst – and travelling home by train via Paris and Basel.

Cruising Distance: 233 nm; engine hours 36,5, Consumption: 17.4 liters per hour

by Daniel, Skipper CCS cruise 08/2011/18

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